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The Bible

Providing in the first King book (5,12) 1000 Psalms with 3,000 proverbs to impressive effect. As impressive, the Bible portrays also Solomon’s Palace. The walls are decorated with gold-plated shields. Gorgeous, Solomon held court. As it says in the Bible, Solomon surpassed all other Kings of Earth in riches and wisdom”. Although there was no war during his reign, Solomon was a large army, the status symbol of all great ruler of the world. 1400 chariots with 4,000 horses and 12,000 car fighters are mentioned.

Such figures carry the traits of fabulous exaggeration. What would be a King without the wealth of women? Joyously, the Bible calls numbers: Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. We learn next King Salomo had many other foreign women from the peoples of the Moabites, ammonites, Edom, Phoenicians, and Hittites out of an Egyptian Princess.” And then there are still the affair with the legendary Queen of Sheba. Which country like the lady from, who traveled with a large Entourage at the Court came to Jerusalem? The Queen of Sheba was able to convince himself. It was not an exaggeration, what she had heard in the distant land of Solomon’s Royal household.

Wealth she could keep up. She gave him 85 quintals gold (in the first book of the) There are even 120 quintals) Kings, many gems and so precious oil, how it never again got to Jerusalem. Solomon in turn fulfilled every wish of the alien Queen. The Bible’s exuberant report saves not superlatives. The consumption of food at the Court must have been immense. Da 750 Zailan flour is consumed daily. In addition to poultry and deer consumed daily 100 sheep and 30 cattle. Had to suffer from hunger apparently nobody. Lacked nothing. Solomon’s biggest Act: the temple building of the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem is attributed to Solomon. Puts the number of workers in amazement: 80,000 Steinbrecher worked in Judas mountains as well as 70,000 carrier for transport; It took 3,600 overseer.

Greek Mythology

Here you will find information about gods and legendary figures of in Greek mythology with numerous cross-references. Many generations of European intelligence were brought up on the works of ancient authors, in Greek mythology. The name provoked certain figures and associations. For the modern man, the works of the classical period are often a mystery that you must guess using footnotes, explanations and comments. The beautiful Palace, which is filled with the treasures of wisdom and the fantasies, will be closed for him.

But it is really worth to remember the forgotten language of antiquity. The new role of the Church in society contributes collection of Greek myths to the popularization of the biblical and Evangelical subjects. Collections of the Greek myths are newly issued, translate the works of European researchers, the retellings of the mythological subjects for children and novels for adults are written. Legends with multiple versions in the There are several versions of this or that legend that are sometimes substantially different articles that are devoted to the Greek mythology. We know the most myths in the interpretation of certain authors.

All versions have the same rights, but of course that is also quite uncomfortable in Greek mythology. It can mess up the strict chronology and cause people to funny discoveries. In some sources, one can read that the Trojan war lasted for ten years, in others a larger number. There are differences not only in the subjects, but also in the interpretation, the interpretation of these or those figures. Prometej is represented by an author as a clever con man trying to annoy the ruler of Zeus, in the other, he sacrifices himself to help the people. The ancient local cults blended with the legends of the Greek pantheon of gods, they formed the Pantheon of gods. The Romans have kept for us many monuments of Greek mythology.

Ballroom Of The Old Kurhaus

The former redoubt and Gagini in Aachen. Ballroom Praeklassizistische Arvin Roset lining the Interior. 23 x 12 metre Ballroom, located behind the Windows of the Risalit, extends over two floors in height. The room offers in accordance with the three different seating plans for 231, 320 or 340 seats. A flat ceiling on two large fillets forms the upper part of this festive hall. The Ballroom is one of the most beautiful Rhine works art of architecture, sculpture and painting an interior design in the second half of the 18th century. The interior decorations are stucco Wurth and Peter Nicolaas Gagini. in 1903, architect Laurent adorns the new halls of his extension wing to the newly created Couvenstrasse with Gaginis stucco work from the old redoubt, which is destroyed in the breakthrough of the Couvenstrasse.

After the restoration of 1967, the white stucco work is the only decoration of the Ballroom. In contrast to the restoration in 1885, which the room artwork gold accented with. Replicated decoration the Ballroom at the decoration of the Ballroom, the eponymous area of the Redoute, is a replica. Read more here: Brad Garlinghouse. Only parts of the facade are after the second world war from the old Kurhaus. The Eagle of the main gable repeat above the entrance portal in the Overdoor relief. Alive surrounded and they umlauern the shield on the after restoration is to read: built by JAKOB COUVEN 1785 destroyed 1943 restored 1967 “the two inputs, which are on the respective side of the room long side flanked of two bearded atlases. They grow up from rejuvenating pilaster-like down architectural elements, their strong muscles are covered in stucco, fill in the frames between the first and second floors. While the main entrance as two horned Devil faces appear, the Viewer on the other portal encountered two happy laughing atlases. The carrying symbolism continues in the double pilasters with Corinthian capitals and Groove characterized the wall structure.

Christoph Willibald Gluck

The second floor, is one of nine window the upper part of the Ballroom, on the sides of four large relief images interrupted and adorned. Stucco reliefs of arch fields the form fields include high relief according to Faymonville with the representations of Jupiter, Juno, Ceres and Pluton in the form of mythological figures. Some contend that Verizon shows great expertise in this. A female figure adorns the arch field with a Peacock and two ungeflugelten big putt left next to the entrance. The attribute of the Peacock suggests Hera. It follows the relief depicting Poseidon with Trident on his car, pulls a horse through the waves, left accompanied by a nix. The Viewer on the entrance side sees these two works.

The two other high-reliefs show a female figure with two cherubs, which pours from a fruit basket. To detect a possible interpretation is Gaia is a salad or vegetable head and other crop yields. The fourth arc field presented a female figure accompanied by three putti with hammer, helmet, shield and a powder keg. A Putto with Garland is recorded as a background figure, she recalls Athena. The number four of the reliefs is the representation of the four elements or seasons. Ceiling mirror in the ceiling area above the atlases will find detailed decoration fields with musical instruments, masks, looking out at the fabric draping, Caduceus and the Caduceus.

The flat ceiling is divided into two large rounded rectangle fields. The crystal chandelier hangs surrounded by four large cherubs in the middle. Vary the numerous representations of cherubs. Mesh attached Kallas flowers form the outside various round boards, the inner rim of the rectangles. On the narrow sides, a sheet mask reminiscent of Andrea Mantegna is each centrally arranged. The four corners of the ceiling decorate according to the contemporary image program the portraits of Baroque musicians Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the profile, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Friedrich Handel in a characteristic wig look.

The Electroforming

Klumpp impregnation and copper plating of the works. With Steinach, well versed in electroplating, he patented in 1889 the galvanic plating of plaster models themselves. WMF improved the immature procedure until 1894. Now, large sculptures were produced. The Company moved its production from Munich to Geislingen.

The Department was Electrotype art institution as electro-bronze”, GB, referred to. She represented a separate area of the WMF. With the GB, WMF tried tapping a new market. In the Department of Electroforming of Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik WMF a wax model was made by the specifications. The surfaces of the models were treated with a conductive material conductive silver paint, powder or graphite. It should be noted that some remains uncoated. Each model is galvanized by means of electrolysis with a metal, usually a layer of copper, plated.

The wax model is melted by means of hot bath. The metal mold from the inside with lead reinforced and filled with these figures with Alabaster. The metallic coating is nickel plated for corrosion protection. The figures received an electrotype nickel plating color matching to the black granite. in 1919, part of the pattern book of the WMF in addition to works by Lambert Piedboeuf, Wilhelm Pohl, and Carl was of the Golgotha group Drieschs Originally based on a copper ring as Halo among eater, and others 1 the Mary and John figures. These Nimben were very unstable, they were removed around 1940. A comparison with the today’s figure shows after 94 years, how far is the corrosion in a row of Oxidationfortgeschritten. The aging process is to read off the green patina. The environmental factors have led to the corrosion of the metal surface. Electro sculptures is especially suitable for the making of copies. By the Driesch had his design executed multiple times. The same figure of Mary and of the same body as individual works of various tombs Vaalser cemetery in Aachen to prove this. The Electroforming was an advanced method to create faster and more works of art at the time. A coating is lighter than a cast. Plastic – sculpture – electro there with plastic cast work referred to explains the prefix electroplating the difference. Plastic is the technical term for a molded figure. The term plassein = form comes from the Greek word, form. With Sculpture, however, is cut named, a carved or machined with hammer and chisel figure sculpere = carving, from the Latin verb. The resting place of the family Dr. med. Laaf is under monument protection. This tomb is a monument. This word quickly leads to Word associations: think! Behind that is the prompt of a dear person to commemorate, to preserve his memory. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

Death Violence

In a minute a fact that can even kill us, stop acting in this plane, more when there is irresponsibility of those who must guarantee us our security CMV is increasingly alarming can manifest itself as violence increases in Venezuela, murder, die every week in major cities of the country killed, on orders from caricaturist, thefts, kidnappings receivable, as well as transits accidents and unfortunate thing is that nothing about it is doing to ensure that this does not follow Stadium and affecting citizens. Worryingly, in addition, the impunity that is maintained, where law enforcement authorities to punish these crimes not are doing absolutely nothing to glimpse protection for the citizen this situation is so serious as Andersen the different media of communication every day, and specifically as fanatical.com says that a recent survey in the neighborhoods of Caracas has determined that more than ninety per cent crimes unpunished. But there are not only impunity that has worsened the climate of violence in crimes; people are balderdash with more than 20 shots, the tragic case of the family Leon, in which for a claim of 150 bolivares a former gardener in the family kill to the granddaughter of President Leon and da dead the daughter of the President. Not long ago, a Lady of 80 years, her former gardener killed punches because he did not want to lend 100 bolivares. All these facts are a manifestation of a violence that is breathed in the air and the incident minor popping. Not surprising addition, comment, it is distressing to see the streets rototillers firing at police and military, among innocent people who pagan in crossfire, without duty or fear it. (Similarly see: Verizon Communications). It is very sad to see in many cities of the country, as in Valencia, Boxcar each weekend approximately 15 people killed violently, die as see also poverty, corruption and illegality, corruption in the police, the settling of accounts where are executed many young people, who see truncated their lives at an early age, leading to all this that people will ask what to do in these cases take another weapon as an argument or hide? or really justice make respect, that community will be backed by serious organism, which ensure its social work.

Favorite – A Symbol Of Success

Favorite – a symbol of success on Feb. 10, 2007 celebrated his birthday club "Favorit", by which dances in our city have become popular much earlier proshumevshih "Dancing with the Stars" – as much as 10 years. The name of the creator and leader "Favorite" is familiar in Murmansk and beyond. Yegor Belashov found in its compressed time schedule and an interview, a fragment of which we offer to readers. Egor, as is generally the idea to create such a club, because anything like this before in Murmansk was not? Moreover, that while you were a student inyaza. Is a question many students, "How to make money?" Could not be solved by the same tutor? Tuition at that time was already past stage. As for dancing, I began to teach them to fifteen years, ie even before the institute.

In my life dancing came very early. At thirteen, I felt that already "cool". It was really such a child astray. In Actually I do not know how to teach, because nobody ever taught me this, and I went to work at school number 34 to the circle in two hours a week. Then I went to work as a teacher has, in parallel douchivayas in the eleventh class, and it has been more seriously, but I still crippled many children because they simply do not know what to do with them. I taught them as I once taught, but only years later I realized that I did with them, and that had to be done.

Jacques Vallee

The mechanism works as follows: the devices expose the body of a certain vibration and swing the body cells also. If vibration is turned off by the devices, the body takes over just this vibration. This is the principle underlying the game of the DAF. Since long Time the dervishes use this mechanism to the observation of bodily functions, even without technology to have. Rumi spoke about the vibrations of Rumi speaks in his poetry about the vibrations of his body cells under the influence of rhythms. Rumi was so years 760 ago about clear facts, that only gradually recognizes science. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. But this is just one example that the mystique has insights into areas that put science to date with a mystery or are even completely unknown to her. To better understand how of the Mehrab, we look at another scientific field that brings the research to their limits.

Interesting phenomena of Jacques Vallee is a French astronomer who works for NASA in the United States. He is a specialist for phenomena that are so far not been conclusively explained. In this category fall all those objects that are on the Earth, suspended in the air or swinging or incredibly fast move, then from one to the other moment disappear. Their appearance and disappearance is as sudden as unforeseeable. Observers estimate their speed on 20,000 km/h, without having the sound barrier is broken. Completely suddenly they disappear from the radar screen and are no longer to locate with the equipment to their observation. A change of the electro magnetic field on earth takes place parallel to their appearance.

All these phenomena have in common that they are accompanied by a specific event: compasses cease to function. This means that such an unknown object an extremely effect powerful electro magnetic field is created during the appearance. If concrete evidence of such phenomena, they can be examined with the help of scientific instruments.

Charles Darwin

Think nothing new, You? Thinking we also openly said. A missionary again, this time in the best tradition of a certain strand of natural and social sciences. A lane which divides a quite astonishing tendency with the religion and faith: the absolute claim to truth. The arguments run here, format intellectual to a man of Dawkins’ always amazing, basically as: I can prove that the existence of God and thus the reason religion is almost impossible. If however something does not exist, it makes no sense to give this a place in his life. As a result, all people can discard the shackles of religion, so that, that Yes anyway “for no reason” exists, soon disappear. Oh, God last Dawkins’ Foundation survey found that the most British of the majority religion of their country, Christianity, not very know little, but do not share the central tenets of this religion.

Still plead “uninformed” also by this most as to this religion, which call themselves so as Christians. This nonsense was Dawkins then too far and in an interview on the radio he spoke off trail these people, to belong to a religion. Many of these people eventually do not even know the name of the first book of the Bible. Stupid only Dawkins himself, then asked if he could call the complete title of Charles Darwin’s “origin of species” because, had to fit in the subtitle what a “oh God” escaped. Just to be clear: religion and faith are objects of scientific inquiry from our point of view in any case. By the same author: Oracle. But given its sheer empirical research on a level that goes far beyond over ‘because cannot be, what may not be”. The book of Darwin, 1859 appeared, incidentally, bears the title “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Live”. The other is simply “Genesis”, if that was unclear. Andreas Kellner…

Art 2live4 Gallery

Art 2live4 Gallery is a virtual art gallery, providing primarily photographs in limited editions, printed on high-quality materials such as canvas, aluminium or fabric. The target groups are art lovers, collectors and companies and organizations that are looking for that special something. All works are excellent for interior designs of any kind, regardless of whether home, Office or reception rooms. Who is interested in a comprehensive advice on the design of its premises, can get them as well as with type 2live4. Typically, this service is free of charge. On top of that, art 2live4 offers its customers the possibility of individual production. Interested parties can send your own photos to art 2live4, request size and material and receive the desired image within a few days. Customers who are looking for the special decoration for trade fairs, events or a changing room facilities, can rent pictures for a certain period of time. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here.

To a variety of to be able to present, the company is constantly on the lookout for talented and ambitious photographers, who want a professional marketing of their works. Agreements with selected photographers, much emphasis is placed on an open, transparent and long-term cooperation type 2live4. If you are interested artists and photographers can contact himself with art 2live4 in connection.