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Service Companies

The school must be more dynamic and to take step to him to new action, plans, programs that favor to formed into a guild his, to rescue the image of the administration lawyer, to locate it in that pedestal of excellence where it must be, especially when they exert a very significant profession for the development of the country. The law must be reconstructed the regulation of the profession according to the requirements that the present national and international scene requires. To tie in more dynamic, operative form, with the companies in order to serve to him that these solicit based on their needs. To take step to the formation of factories of incubation of companies that favors the entrepreneurs, consults to them and at the same time, it is opening for new uses. It must support to formed into a guild his, especially to the unemployed ones for locating them in the enterprise sector is public or private, to form an a Data bank of work, to watch over the leisure of the withdrawn ones in administration, that in the present is a considerable number. To guarantee on the basis of dispositions financiers, legal, of collaboration, contributions that take step to the institution of a social insurance, loans, aid, that favors formed into a guild and its relatives. To know how to administer to its income and debits suitably. To help itself for it of consultant’s offices, courses of extension according to the specialties that the present requires in the respective specialties of the modern managemental topics. To take step to a Commission of investigation of the administrative science that allows to determine the weaknesses that at the moment confront the companies and to offer the service to them, qualification solution that helps them to grow, to be operative and that at the same time, allows to project the valuable thing that it is the school for the enterprise development.

Northern Palestinian

The authors of Ryan and giving have in recent times. 2 with her book for the alleged decrypting of the flood added. No doubt, this work is an interesting geological study on the change of the Black Sea. 10,000 years ago, this was still a freshwater lake, called by the Greeks of important Lake. The sediment after the Lake is around 5,500 BC by entering the year of Dumped salt water. Quite conceivable that this went hand in hand with massive geological changes. This so-called outflow hypothesis is not without controversy among scientists. Also the dates vary.

The link between Europe and Asia should be been broken already 6,700 BC. The Mediterranean spilled out in a tremendous flood disaster in the former Lake. But it deciphers a mystery of the Bible? The real question should be: it may even bring the authors of Ryan and giving the results of their research with the biblical flood report in connection? The written submissions for the biblical Narrator comes not from the Northern Palestinian area, but from Mesopotamia. Even more: The myth follows a completely different intention to keep as historical events. The biblical myth interprets stories, as the action expresses itself in them their God Yahweh, who only became a sole God of the Abrahamic religion. It is a fundamental mistake, the early, pre-exilischen, to assign Biblical stories a historical fact. Behind it stands the assessment, the Bible had right only if is to prove the reported by historical facts or to prove. Such documents do not credible, however, the Bible.

The Biblical truth is not supported by the results of the research of the historian. It is mythological. No, the story of the great flood will pass no past. As if there had been enough catastrophes in the history of mankind. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Adam Portnoy. She wants to make advertising for the Abrahamic religion. The God who is in this narrative, is the God to which we are connected. (God made a ‘Covenant’ with Noah.) It is the intent of the story. On the question of a Mindfulness when the deluge story a contentious issue must be approached then, how you can convey them today? How to hear our children of the flood story? Let’s take an example! A child hears the biblical flood story in religious education. It can certainly understand not the suffering and misery of the victims It lacks a child on life experience. But with the longing of a little adventurer it would look like above the waves. There, but action is pure. The child is perhaps the question: has it really been the deluge of the Bible? “I hope his religion teacher gives him a pure wine and says: this is only a story”. This step is essential. He runs away from the misconception that just because something in the Bible, it must have occurred so. The puzzle is the religion, which applies to decipher it, but not place and time of a flood disaster.


As I said the philosopher, only that happiness, laughter can be found in the other, more sad and painful, in more somber, in the unhappiness of the human being who teaches, know what I know, and I know him well and is already. I know the background and I would have liked to know everything, but everything escapes from the hands. It all goes and I’m losing ground bit by bit, is what can be, what not, not. And happy as I am, that nothing worth, nor am I, except for MOM. Hear other arguments on the topic with Confluence Investment Management LLC. And I that I will never be happy and I know it, I will only be in solitude, help me in what is left of the road, I guess hard will be. It’s believed that toddler clothing sees a great future in this idea. Pluto, a dog who was the best friend the best company of Popeye.

Pluto, head of lion and tender skin from the Sun. Pluto’s heart. Pluto from sunrise to sunset. Pluto brave and ironic and burlesque and triumphant. Pluto’s hair Brown, blue eyes, heart of gold and Bell collar.

Pluto te quiero yo, they want you, they want you all. Pluto gait restless and sweet look, Pluto offered cheerful to his walk and soft breathing and his suffering complaining when sugar doughnuts No. Pluto taking chocolate bars and sweets and pastries. Pluto cream, puff pastry and silk and fabric of heaven. Pluto’s candy, which was not plutitos. Pluto’s Brown glace which did not mourn Pluto than Brutus, who eats shoes and cries copper when his owner leaves him only in garage, Pluto from almond, chestnut Pluto, Pluto from cider, champagne Pluto, Pluto hazelnut, gelatin, riquito, sea flavor, wave and Hello, your kindness, your courage, loyalty, frankness and barking of Knight. The trap was laid by God, villains of truth, lie, his followers. The trap was masterfully stretched and worked. Marie Flavie leave his Italian little it lasted, but they will return to see.

Good Habits

We wish are to him very useful and to the aim it can finish with all those sufferings that a life of bad habits causes. Before nothing we must recognize that it is what we want to change, that is to say, that badly habit we wished to fight. Perhaps we have several, but we must begin to select that one that harms to us more. For many he will be simple to identify it, for others not as much, if this last one is its case tmese the time necessary (not much of course,) to meditate, it thinks about that he is what it bothers to him more in its life, also him it can serve to remember the last sensation of failure and fault that I cause to let itself take to him by the temptation. Here the point is that it must leave what does not allow him to advance. It already has it? Well, hands to the work.

You can! 1 He maintains his mind occupied has heard the saying: " A vacated mind is a factory of diablo" this is certain. It must have something to do, it maintains his mind with activities that most of absorb their time, some manualidad to him, to read, or his preferred liking, any activity that clears stress to him, perhaps is the best pretext so that you finally register to a gymnasium, it walks in the afternoons, it visits amig@, it establishes a conversation with compaer@s, amig@s and vecin@s or realises some repair in the home, the point is that its mind must work constantly. Cudese of not being boring or only, since its previous habit can appear. For that reason it is of extreme importance that maintains its mind occupied. 2 It is not discouraged, the fight motvese can be exhausting and until painful, for that reason people generally stop, underestimate the power of dejection and they occur by won.

La Paz

On the other hand the man almost totally becomes employee from the family and submissive his rules. As well as gradual loss of its individuality authority and gains social isolation and if he is pensioner, it becomes alcoholic. V. CONCLUSIONS. In the case of the infantile familiar violence: we conclude that little knowledge exists on the same between I publish and the professionals of the health. thus, the recognition and the awareness, although they constitute essential elements for the effective prevention, are only part of the solution. then, efforts and policies of prevention must to direct directly to children, to those who give help to them and to the surroundings in which they live, to come up that she takes place I mistreat potential and to try effectively I mistreat and negligence that has taken place. In addition, one requires coordinated efforts and coordinated of an ample range of sectors, ace like the investigators, the professionals of the health publishes.

In the case of familiar violence in the pair: we must declare that it is more serious than many we would imagine and causes much pain in the homes. nevertheless, such abusive and/or conducts we can avoid violent them as long as we assume with total conviction that the respect, the equality and the tolerance are the most favorable conditions for the resolution of the problems within the home. The values of the individuals are cultivated from the family, therefore it turns out indispensable to foment a culture of the democracy in the intimate life of the people and respect to the human rights of each of its members. Who values the tolerance, the equality, the respect, the freedom, the democracy and La Paz, surely will defend and practice convencidamente these values in all the scopes of its life: the family, the school, the work, the groups, the institutions. of there the importance of educating, to treat and to train the citizens in atmospheres of respect, freedom, tolerance and cult to integral the human development.

The proposal is to create brings back to consciousness between the young population so that they identify problem as well as to re-educate to this sector of the population so that they can be related to base to the respect of the pair, and so in addition it is tried to diminish the pregnancies nonwished and the diseases of sexual transmission, including AIDS. And in the case of the familiar violence in the third age: we will end up referring that, been must condemn and adopt measures to end the violence against the people majors, to include them in the design and planning of social programs and development, all this within the framework of the universal declaration of the human rights and the principles of the United Nations for the people majors. In addition, one is due to redefine its social by the one of the priority of its sapiencia and experience, lately almost null roll, and to respond with policies that offer the opportunity to reach their well-being. A new paradigm of oldness that prevails, that is to say, active oldness socially, productive and healthful is necessary integrated to the familiar and social life, very necessary for the use of the deep values but and our culture, important for the continuity of our histories, for the construction of a new intergenerational society based on the mutual respect and reciprocal valuation.

Eliminating Abdominal Fat

How To eliminate Abdominal Fat Quickly and 3 Reasons Because You have Accumulated Fat In That Area? How to eliminate the fat of the belly? Good question, no? Fat concentrated in the abdomen is a problem for million people anywhere in the world. To have those kilos of in the waist can more give rise to all kind of health problems, including the increasing pressure of the blood and the diabetes. One is two very good reasons to eliminate the fat of the belly is a true priority in its life. More information is housed here: Southwest Airlines. Three things that help to accumulate the fat of the belly. In this article these problems are analyzed and how to fix it, reason why it is easier to lose greasy, to see themselves and to feel well as it is possible.

Alcohol By all means that I must take cold beer after the great work from a long day. Perhaps to enjoy a beer in the weekend. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions. To have more than two in a single day is a nightmare in the abdomen. The beer and the majority of the spirits contain a high caloric value. 200 to 300 calories by glass, to be exact. These calories not only it must go directly to its belly, but also it diminishes its metabolism, doing more difficult its body to burn additional calories. If you eat the sufficient thing of these drinks later, you never will have an enormous mass of abdominal fat. The solution? It leaves of drinks by a time.

Or better still, to replace them by that is not going to increase its abdomen, like a set of orange or mineral water with lemon. If you can leave the alcohol not only is a good decision for its body, but generally by its life. It does not have nothing else shameful that one night without it remembers what happened, or the undertow of a long day of alcohol.

The Medicines

If a hard cough by more than three weeks, manifolds causes are probable, and when all the causes treat the patient will only be without symptom. A cough frequents or chronicle indicates generally the presence of a disease. The coughs can be dealt conventionally with the medicines of the cough, often through suppresors of the cough (antitusivos) that suppress the impulse of toser. This can less be than ideal, because its body is constructed to naturally expeler the snot and irritating with a cough. The productive coughs (coughs that produces flema) are dealt with expectorantes that relax the snot of the respiratory tract. The suppresors of the cough reduce the impulse of toser inhibiting the answer of the sensorial conclusions by the depolarization of the vague nerve. Nevertheless, he is always better to promote the capacity of the body to expeler the snot and flema and to maintain membranes of the snot humid, because the dried membranes of the snot can be made susceptible to additional infection. There are many natural remedies of the cough available that deal with several forms coughs.

Alternative and complementary approaches The natural remedies of the cough that use herbal and homeopathic ingredients can use to treat toser of a calm, effective way, relaxing flema in the lungs, and the opening of aerial routes without drying of membranes. A combination of certain grass such as Hyssopus officinalis and Althea officinalis are known by their capacity to promote the respiratory health and to calm the chest, exerting a tranquilizing effect on mucous membranes. The natural remedies can be a safe alternative to prescription medications, and a natural approach will treat underlying causes and not only the symptoms. Original author and source of the article.

The Bible

Providing in the first King book (5,12) 1000 Psalms with 3,000 proverbs to impressive effect. As impressive, the Bible portrays also Solomon’s Palace. The walls are decorated with gold-plated shields. Gorgeous, Solomon held court. As it says in the Bible, Solomon surpassed all other Kings of Earth in riches and wisdom”. Although there was no war during his reign, Solomon was a large army, the status symbol of all great ruler of the world. 1400 chariots with 4,000 horses and 12,000 car fighters are mentioned.

Such figures carry the traits of fabulous exaggeration. What would be a King without the wealth of women? Joyously, the Bible calls numbers: Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. We learn next King Salomo had many other foreign women from the peoples of the Moabites, ammonites, Edom, Phoenicians, and Hittites out of an Egyptian Princess.” And then there are still the affair with the legendary Queen of Sheba. Which country like the lady from, who traveled with a large Entourage at the Court came to Jerusalem? The Queen of Sheba was able to convince himself. It was not an exaggeration, what she had heard in the distant land of Solomon’s Royal household.

Wealth she could keep up. She gave him 85 quintals gold (in the first book of the) There are even 120 quintals) Kings, many gems and so precious oil, how it never again got to Jerusalem. Solomon in turn fulfilled every wish of the alien Queen. The Bible’s exuberant report saves not superlatives. The consumption of food at the Court must have been immense. Da 750 Zailan flour is consumed daily. In addition to poultry and deer consumed daily 100 sheep and 30 cattle. Had to suffer from hunger apparently nobody. Lacked nothing. Solomon’s biggest Act: the temple building of the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem is attributed to Solomon. Puts the number of workers in amazement: 80,000 Steinbrecher worked in Judas mountains as well as 70,000 carrier for transport; It took 3,600 overseer.

Greek Mythology

Here you will find information about gods and legendary figures of in Greek mythology with numerous cross-references. Many generations of European intelligence were brought up on the works of ancient authors, in Greek mythology. The name provoked certain figures and associations. For the modern man, the works of the classical period are often a mystery that you must guess using footnotes, explanations and comments. The beautiful Palace, which is filled with the treasures of wisdom and the fantasies, will be closed for him.

But it is really worth to remember the forgotten language of antiquity. The new role of the Church in society contributes collection of Greek myths to the popularization of the biblical and Evangelical subjects. Collections of the Greek myths are newly issued, translate the works of European researchers, the retellings of the mythological subjects for children and novels for adults are written. Legends with multiple versions in the There are several versions of this or that legend that are sometimes substantially different articles that are devoted to the Greek mythology. We know the most myths in the interpretation of certain authors.

All versions have the same rights, but of course that is also quite uncomfortable in Greek mythology. It can mess up the strict chronology and cause people to funny discoveries. In some sources, one can read that the Trojan war lasted for ten years, in others a larger number. There are differences not only in the subjects, but also in the interpretation, the interpretation of these or those figures. Prometej is represented by an author as a clever con man trying to annoy the ruler of Zeus, in the other, he sacrifices himself to help the people. The ancient local cults blended with the legends of the Greek pantheon of gods, they formed the Pantheon of gods. The Romans have kept for us many monuments of Greek mythology.

The Electroforming

Klumpp impregnation and copper plating of the works. With Steinach, well versed in electroplating, he patented in 1889 the galvanic plating of plaster models themselves. WMF improved the immature procedure until 1894. Now, large sculptures were produced. The Company moved its production from Munich to Geislingen.

The Department was Electrotype art institution as electro-bronze”, GB, referred to. She represented a separate area of the WMF. With the GB, WMF tried tapping a new market. In the Department of Electroforming of Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik WMF a wax model was made by the specifications. The surfaces of the models were treated with a conductive material conductive silver paint, powder or graphite. It should be noted that some remains uncoated. Each model is galvanized by means of electrolysis with a metal, usually a layer of copper, plated.

The wax model is melted by means of hot bath. The metal mold from the inside with lead reinforced and filled with these figures with Alabaster. The metallic coating is nickel plated for corrosion protection. The figures received an electrotype nickel plating color matching to the black granite. in 1919, part of the pattern book of the WMF in addition to works by Lambert Piedboeuf, Wilhelm Pohl, and Carl was of the Golgotha group Drieschs Originally based on a copper ring as Halo among eater, and others 1 the Mary and John figures. These Nimben were very unstable, they were removed around 1940. A comparison with the today’s figure shows after 94 years, how far is the corrosion in a row of Oxidationfortgeschritten. The aging process is to read off the green patina. The environmental factors have led to the corrosion of the metal surface. Electro sculptures is especially suitable for the making of copies. By the Driesch had his design executed multiple times. The same figure of Mary and of the same body as individual works of various tombs Vaalser cemetery in Aachen to prove this. The Electroforming was an advanced method to create faster and more works of art at the time. A coating is lighter than a cast. Plastic – sculpture – electro there with plastic cast work referred to explains the prefix electroplating the difference. Plastic is the technical term for a molded figure. The term plassein = form comes from the Greek word, form. With Sculpture, however, is cut named, a carved or machined with hammer and chisel figure sculpere = carving, from the Latin verb. The resting place of the family Dr. med. Laaf is under monument protection. This tomb is a monument. This word quickly leads to Word associations: think! Behind that is the prompt of a dear person to commemorate, to preserve his memory. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff