The Bible

Providing in the first King book (5,12) 1000 Psalms with 3,000 proverbs to impressive effect. As impressive, the Bible portrays also Solomon’s Palace. The walls are decorated with gold-plated shields. Gorgeous, Solomon held court. As it says in the Bible, Solomon surpassed all other Kings of Earth in riches and wisdom”. Although there was no war during his reign, Solomon was a large army, the status symbol of all great ruler of the world. 1400 chariots with 4,000 horses and 12,000 car fighters are mentioned.

Such figures carry the traits of fabulous exaggeration. What would be a King without the wealth of women? Joyously, the Bible calls numbers: Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. We learn next King Salomo had many other foreign women from the peoples of the Moabites, ammonites, Edom, Phoenicians, and Hittites out of an Egyptian Princess.” And then there are still the affair with the legendary Queen of Sheba. Which country like the lady from, who traveled with a large Entourage at the Court came to Jerusalem? The Queen of Sheba was able to convince himself. It was not an exaggeration, what she had heard in the distant land of Solomon’s Royal household.

Wealth she could keep up. She gave him 85 quintals gold (in the first book of the) There are even 120 quintals) Kings, many gems and so precious oil, how it never again got to Jerusalem. Solomon in turn fulfilled every wish of the alien Queen. The Bible’s exuberant report saves not superlatives. The consumption of food at the Court must have been immense. Da 750 Zailan flour is consumed daily. In addition to poultry and deer consumed daily 100 sheep and 30 cattle. Had to suffer from hunger apparently nobody. Lacked nothing. Solomon’s biggest Act: the temple building of the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem is attributed to Solomon. Puts the number of workers in amazement: 80,000 Steinbrecher worked in Judas mountains as well as 70,000 carrier for transport; It took 3,600 overseer.

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