Electric Of Lawn Trimmers

Wired and battery string trimmer for a beautiful lawn a grass trimmer is used to cut grass. The cutting tool is a quickly rotating plastic thread. This is wound onto a bobbin, which is attached to a motor. The device is constructed as follows: a handle with switch is connected by a telescopic rod with coil and motor. A protective screen is attached via the coil. Check out Southwest Airlines for additional information. The electric lawn trimmers are available two versions: devices with power supply and equipment with battery. The lawn trimmers with a battery-powered is to determine that the batteries have very different load times. This can be one hour, as well as seven hours.

There are differences in regard to the duration of the operation after charging (between 25 minutes and one and a half hours). The advantage is the battery grass trimmer in working without annoying cables. The decision, whether you should buy a device with power supply or an Akkurasentrimmer and what equipment and performance makes sense depends on the existence of a power or the size of the garden off. There are following differences in equipment and performance: string trimmers are available as Einfadentyp or as Zweifadentyp. The latter cuts more thoroughly. The cutting diameter can be for the individual devices between 23 and 35 cm. The speed with which works a trimmer, is given by the number of revolutions per minute and may be at 6800 to 12000 RPM.

As well as with the wattage, which is also an important indicator of performance, there is a wide range. The lowest wattage specified with approx. 200 watts, the highest with about 1000 watts. Also the weight of the trimmer is an important criterion in their purchasing decisions and whether the device as a whole enables a good handling. An automatic tip on facilitates tightening the thread. A retightening is necessary because the thread wears off during operation. It is important to familiarize yourself before starting with the safety instructions. Tom Ko eppe photo: Rainer Sturm -. pixelio.de

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