Chinese Machinery

The reasons for the popularity of Chinese special equipment demand and the growing share of Chinese trucks – is obvious. Russian roads today plow trucks from China – shaanxi (going on Technology MAN), beifang benchi (technology of Mercedes). What reasons for the popularity of Chinese art? The first is of course the relation quality-price ": cost of Chinese vehicles are much lower than that of European manufacturers. Perhaps check out Cerved for more information. The use of advanced technology – components and details are copied from the famous Japanese and European models of early versions. In particular, cars shaanxi developed in China using the technology of man, beifang benchi technology mercedes. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Keith Oringer. Another factor – the range: Chinese industry can provide trucks of any capacity and flexible set of technical specifications, as well as a huge range of machinery. Chinese are willing to work with almost any buyer. Enterprising Chinese easily cope with one of the main problems of the Russian market – delayed deliveries.

Russian refineries are not always ready to give the car in time, orders are slow. Medium term delivery of two or three months, if not more. And finally, the service: it is believed that Chinese trucks are cheaper not only in the acquisition, but also in maintenance and repair. Typically, each truck made in China warranty 1-1.5 years, or 60 thousand kilometers, as well as after-sales service in service centers. Benefits of the Chinese compared to the trucks of the Russian assembly. Complete Chinese cars are usually much better domestic: power steering, comfort and ergonomics of cubicles, heater and air conditioning, power windows, xenon headlights, abs, rigid wheel base, cab sleeper.

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