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Advocacy And History

Modern man is used to seeing the presence of a lawyer named defender in all judicial proceedings. Ripple spoke with conviction. However, the defense establishment has undergone an interesting evolution in history. Many examples can be given: in the legal system of the ancient Egypt, there was no figure of lawyers, but an intermediary could assume the defense and if the speaker was skilled could also influence the success of the process. The administration of Justice also existed in Babylonia, both during the Sumerian eats in the Akkadian period. The system functioned normally as well: the parties resorted to the judges and then appealed to the King or Emperor according to the historical epoch. For example, we remember all the famous trial of King Solomon.

It is also legendary. At the beginning, during the Athenian origins of the City State citizens defending is their own causes and the orador-escritor was what wrote the speech for the defence. However, it was the Romans who gave highlight the figure of the lawyer and very rare thing for the Society of that time, allowed access to lawyer career women. In the Sevens games of Alfonso Sabio appears for the first time the definition of lawyer in Spanish language. Very different was the situation in France where the lawyer was a prominent figure in society. It has many heroic deeds of lawyers during the French Revolution.

She is, however clear that today: the legal profession is a profession difficult to achieve for the different qualities required. His role is multiple because it investigates, cultivates, disseminates and applies knowledge of the science of law to achieve justice. Today lawyers can be found around the world in all the major cities and in small towns. As well as lawyers Seville and in many other parts of the the Hispanic. The legal profession is a profession that is based on the truth for the achievement of Justice which constitutes a right for every living being in the world. The lawyer, in final defends peace in the world and has to forget new conflicts for the future.

Core Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae, is an instrument, an essential document for getting a job.It is the best way to go.Required for all those people who graduate from universities as well as older persons who continue in the job. Generally, people think that drafting a resume is to present something bulky, full of leaves, which say nothing at the end. It is necessary that before starting to compose you resume, you must learn about the information that thou shalt know, likewise, the order of presentation.Mostly write without ignore, focusing exclusively, to report that you will present. Rest assured that only, you have an opportunity; to cause feeling to the people, who will have to approve to hire you.Do not miss it. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. Persons responsible for the recruitment of staff, required curriculum vitae be exposed with clarity and above all make brief information such as: personal data, training and professional experience who requires an employment. Thinks that the first objective to investigate, in the time of produce you resume is to get an interview. Curriculum vitae, is responsible for an important function:-go to the person in charge to give you the job.

-Focus exclusively, over the span of the interview, on the most valuable items in your personality and of the academic and professional course. -Subsequent to the interview, insisting to the person who will give you employment on the data that they better talk it. You curriculum vitae, should be known exclusively, which are in perfect condition of adequacy, with the exercise that you should plunge you in the company, but without hiding, exaggerate or lie.This refers, that it would be much better that you fix curriculum according to the job to which you present. Before you start to develop a curriculum vitae must take into account:-a curriculum on sale, not only by the content and the way how is composed, but also, by the same wording should be effective. -Mostly, people are wrong in doing a curriculum; they include documentation of all their studies and work, without taking into account the post are presented which. If you want to know more, login here. Original author and source of the article


The results of State tests for admission to the Colombian higher education were published in recent days. Very few were much pleased, a little more they complied, although it was not what you expected, one greater percentage, he became disillusioned to see it diluted the dreams that had created in his mind, and the majority, perhaps obtained what they expected or simply felt indifferent to results that will not influence their future academic, since they will be devoted to making short or technical courses to increase the already extensive list of rank-and-file employeesunderemployed or unemployed. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. A student who receives 50 points for a total of 100, occupies around post number 100 of a total of 1000 jobs in that divides the number of participants. This means that only 10% of the contestants answered correctly more than 50% of the questions, while 90% of them, does not answer well even half of the questions that make up tests. Of the foregoing, the following assumptions can be deducted: 1. education Basic and average, in Colombia, has many shortcomings. 2. The majority of the families, having an education level lower middle, not invest in education because they see it as an expense and not for what it is: an investment.

3. To spite of good family and personal intentions, few students who have access to higher education, so they are unmotivated for wanting to get a good score. 4 State tests do not measure the level of knowledge of the Colombian high schoolers. 5. All of the above. The imbalance of these results, is related to the imbalance socio-economic of the country, where very few have much and most have very little. It is in the hands of each of the actors of is reality, strive to change it.

The Interests

I therefore propose: determine the real problem objectively and without sentimentality or lack of emotional control. Find the cause or causes that cause this problem. Approaching affectionately and without reproach to the Member of the family that considered or it is causing the problem. Knowing that it has involved sentimental and emotionally said event. Listen to their arguments objectively to know the why and for what I take that attitude or performed this action. OK until that point as parents are promoters of such behavior, this may be by the education system. Inconsistencies in the Act, say, feel, do, and think that they caused that confusion be submitted in the Member of the family. Southwest Airlines wanted to know more.

An education that does not allow freedom of action and decision under the individuality. A permissive education that did not know limits, set values, responsibilities, certain activities, etc. This among other factors, but as you can see, end up falling into the account of the responsibility of parents to the educate. Each padre-educador (MOM and dad), shall conduct an investigation regarding the operation of the following points, evaluate them and qualify them within the family, this will be done individually with each Member of the family in order to determine the specific needs of each one and work with greater emphasis in these. Analysis variables: Cohesion.

Harmony. Common ications. Permeability. Affectivity. Role is. Adaptability. Each of these variables will entail the analyze whether they are or not made or applied according to what each one involves: Cohesion: family physical and emotional to face different situations and Union in the decision-making of everyday tasks. Harmony: Correspondenci between the interests and individual needs with the family in an emotional balance positive. Communication: The members of the family are able to convey their experiences in a clear and direct way. Permeability: Capacity of the family to provide and receive experiences of other families and institutions.


Apparently seen, almost better staying quiescent and not be on a diet again, right? , because the risk of end up weighing more than at the beginning is real as life itself. None of that will happen if you learn how to lose weight eating without being on a diet. THAT is researched today this step look left reduccionistaha to a broader vision of reality, being the change of eating habits and patterns of physical activity essential factors for losing weight without dieting and then maintaining a healthy weight. More to be manifested in time these new habits and lifestyle, it is necessary to pay attention to a whole set of psychosocial variables that influence them. Although very little taken into account so far, psychological and family variables play an important role in the production and maintenance of the excess weight, and are usually not handled. These psychological factors, precipitate and perpetuate the excessive intake of nutrients (overfeeding for what are personal calorie needs) and must be taken into account if we are to maintain a healthy weight, after having reached the desirable. The approach and treatment of the psychological variables is of fundamental importance, because if not the patient is not able to engage properly with treatment and generally have greater difficulty to lose weight or maintain it. Learn how to lose weight eating without diet involves taking into account all explained.

How to manage the treatment of excess weight without being on a diet this set of emotional aspects and comportamientosque are linked with overfeeding usually occur in more or less complex combinations and are different for each person. So great is the number of components that influence in a person, and in particular that a specific human being suffer from obesity, which can well be that there are so many cases of gorduracomo obese. I.e., that explanation, and a case of sobrepesonunca approach is exactly equal to the explanation and boarding another. This is appreciated the need for a multidiscipliar job to lose weight eating without being on a diet and thus meet each one of the elements that affect this problem. Some alterations are specific and can be found relatively frequently in obese individuals, but without being specific disease. But there are also others that may be present and make difficult treatment for those trying to reduce weight maintain a healthy weight. Final conclusion: When it comes to consider weight loss eating without being on a diet and as a search for an answer to the constant enigma posed by the extra kilos, since its etiological factors until his approach and treatment, is that the existence of a personality favouring this problem has been investigated. Today you cannot define a specific psychopathological condition linked to obesity. There are obese with no psychopathy, but there is a disorder of the obese. Recommended resource: eating participate Online in program NutriSpa slimming slimming and you take in hand to learn how to lose weight eating without being on a diet.

Benefit Of The Mascara Benefit

What is something that almost every woman always leads? This would be the makeup, of course. There are so many styles, designs, colors and textures of makeup. All of these factors come into play when the buyer makes the decision that kind of makeup purchase. When someone chooses the mascara, in particular, you should choose the Benefit mascara. Choosing mascara, the characteristics of the product itself must be considered. Benefit makeup offers the mascara in many different varieties. The selection of mascara are wide range.

These come in colors of plums, black, dark brown and blue glow. Another thing about this product is that it helps in the self-improvement. This brand includes mascara which intensifies the color of the eyes, is waterproof, and includes a layer of glossy finish. This is great for all areas of life, no matter how that type of personality of an individual class may be. Also their cost is very cheap, so that all people can afford the buy this mascara. The average cost of this mascara is $19. This brand is a great product for investing in it all the needs of consumers undoubtedly would choose satisfied with this product due to the eyelashes mascara selections are so large.

There are so many options that should be taken, all depending on the consumer’s needs and desires. A product can be chosen with great ease to cover different facets of the personality of a person and style. Benefit mascara is of great benefit for the consumer since adds to any collection of makeup very well. Original author and source of the article.

Juan Luis Vives

One of the greatest humanists refers to the mathematics of one precious way. Juan Luis Vives and his Magnum Opus the disciplines, tells us something wonderful about them. Because these were not affected by the plagiarist and commentators, which forward to glory, manoseaban the works of the ancients. He said: those arts dealing with mathematics Greeks about the quantity llamaronlas. that it is to say disciplined! To the double hicieronla of volume quantity and number, unique is the discipline that comes from the amount of volume. To which the Earth llamaronla geometry measurement. Unique is also the discipline that comes from the quantity of the number, namely: arithmetic whose etymology gives to understand the matter.

Transferred to the celestial sphere geometry made astronomy. The number applied to the harmony made the music. Sizes, in relation to the force and Visuality, gave us that part of mathematics called perspective, which the Greeks called optics. Whether it is that all these hijuelas mathematics, two are simple arts or universal and three composite or space. As derived from the generality. They were not discovered more, or because they were not applied the mood to more diligent investigations or because despite their efforts. They could not get the hearing, as they got the perspective. From that of the hearing, I say, some to the snaring, as who shows with your finger, made some insinuations about how sound is extended by air, as the ECHO, the sounds that can be heard near and far, the resonance cavities and some other phenomena occurs.

(Chapter one) I recommend young escudrinen the work of Juan Luis Vives, since it is a Magnum Opus of general culture. Apart from that the author was a great humanist. Jose Ingenieros illustrates us something that mathematicians can be applied to our brothers. It says: the practical have not more than aprovecharsen of his effort, growing in the shade.

Mike Geary

According to Mike Geary that is certified in nutrition and certified personal trainer specialist, the majority of people who want to have a marked abdomen makes some mistakes that make that never achieve their goal. Then Mike Geary list the most important points to consider for slimming and make visible the abdominal muscles: the exaggeration in abdominal normally there is the belief that the greatest number of abdominal closer to the goal of having a marked abdomen. But unfortunately all the time invested in these repeats is a waste. Instead it is better to carry out a training program of well-designed full body, causing a metabolic response much larger and it will also increase the levels of hormones Burns body fat. Little or no training with weight the majority of women are afraid to perform exercises using weight because they fear being too muscular, so use very small weight or no weight completely. If what they want is to burn abdominal fat is necessary to exercise the larger body, i.e. To deepen your understanding Ripple is the source. pectoral muscle areas, legs and arms. When the body increases its temperature in the areas before mentioned then starts burning fat in the abdomen and the rest of the body.

Too much exercise cardiovascular is a belief that while more cardiovascular exercise (run for example) more thinned. But this is not so, our bodies are designed to perform physical activity in gusts of effort followed by recovery, or movement stop – follow rather than stationary motion. Recent research suggests that physical variability is one of the most important aspects to be considered in the training. Few exercises of strength rather than do many abdominal is advisable to have a routine of 5 minutes or less of this type of exercise. On the other hand it is important to avoid doing many repetitions of easy exercises to do, such as 50 or 100 repetitions of sit-ups common.


It is well known that people are willing to pay for valuable information on the Internet. Even pay for information that, with time and effort, could find themselves in the Internet itself, but by the time investment that this implies, prefer to buy an information product that contains all the research gathered in electronic book form or video. The term information product is very broad. The information is anything that someone might want to know. The information does not necessarily imply instructions on how to do something. Many times people are not so much interested in the facts about a subject but in what other people think of this subject.

Asking a question that generates many responses in a message board, gathers enough information about what people think about a certain topic to create an information product. This is an idea used by many sales agents on the Internet. Another idea to create an information product is research in books, movies, manuals, instructional, music, photographs, etc. plays that are part of the public domain. Works that are in the public domain include anything that is not protected by copyright (author rights).

The public domain consists of everything published before 1923 and, in some cases, until 1978. Publish your own newsletter on the Internet all owners of web sites have been found with the problem and the cost of creating a site that will provide specific information to those interested in having it. They have also faced the problem of defining a list of email per option whose main objective is to keep subscribers informed. Those who have opted to belong to that list expect that who leads the web site keep them informed of changes on the site and update the information contained on the site and in addition, expect to have this update regularly.

United States

Augusto Comte, founder of scientific sociology, contains principles emanating from Cartesian rationalism and the encyclopedic movement and harmonizes them with principles extracted from the doctrine of Catholic, conservative and traditionalist. The merit of Comte is the combine these as opposing currents in his philosophical system. His most direct influences are Turgot, Condorcet and De Maestre. Through philosophy ecolastica of the middle ages, through St. Augustine, is linked to Aristotle who should the principle of social aesthetics.

Catholic traditionalist school, Comte extracts the principle of authority and tradition in the life of peoples, who gives a great importance within their doctrine and the theory of progress, extracts the law of progress. Influences hints at the work of Comte: contributions from Montesquieu, who extracted the principle of social causation, allows you to formulate laws on social matters. The fundamental ideas are based on the principle that it is essential to reorganize social life on new foundations, and in doing so build a whole system of philosophy known as positivist. Positive philosophy is interested to investigate the facts such as they occur in the society to discover the laws that govern it, thus Comte leaves aside all causes and purposes. Through positivist philosophy Comte wants to ensure the achievement of the political, intellectual and moral unit of society. Intellectual unit: achieved through the systematization of all human knowledge. The moral unity: is accomplished through the establishment of a religion (Catholic) and the overcoming of the sentiment and the heart, creating a religion that the flame of humanity, which has as a principle the monotheism and who can according to Comte, summarized thus: love by principle, the order by base and finally progress.

This comtiana formula has been picked up by a U.S. State, which has in its banner part of this formula; This country is Brazil. Political unity: Comte believed that he is achieved through the abolition of war and the creation of a great state that the called a United States of Europe.