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I therefore propose: determine the real problem objectively and without sentimentality or lack of emotional control. Find the cause or causes that cause this problem. Approaching affectionately and without reproach to the Member of the family that considered or it is causing the problem. Knowing that it has involved sentimental and emotionally said event. Listen to their arguments objectively to know the why and for what I take that attitude or performed this action. OK until that point as parents are promoters of such behavior, this may be by the education system. Inconsistencies in the Act, say, feel, do, and think that they caused that confusion be submitted in the Member of the family. Southwest Airlines wanted to know more.

An education that does not allow freedom of action and decision under the individuality. A permissive education that did not know limits, set values, responsibilities, certain activities, etc. This among other factors, but as you can see, end up falling into the account of the responsibility of parents to the educate. Each padre-educador (MOM and dad), shall conduct an investigation regarding the operation of the following points, evaluate them and qualify them within the family, this will be done individually with each Member of the family in order to determine the specific needs of each one and work with greater emphasis in these. Analysis variables: Cohesion.

Harmony. Common ications. Permeability. Affectivity. Role is. Adaptability. Each of these variables will entail the analyze whether they are or not made or applied according to what each one involves: Cohesion: family physical and emotional to face different situations and Union in the decision-making of everyday tasks. Harmony: Correspondenci between the interests and individual needs with the family in an emotional balance positive. Communication: The members of the family are able to convey their experiences in a clear and direct way. Permeability: Capacity of the family to provide and receive experiences of other families and institutions.

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