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Investment Security White Paper

“Practice from ardour provides insight into the typical weaknesses of the investment-related decision behavior of investment security despite their relevance in the public discussion is not a very popular topic of Darmstadt, 30.05.2012 – the consulting company ardour has a comprehensive and product-neutral white paper status analysis: how companies control the security of their investment in IT” published. It is based on two studies on the investment behavior of the companies and their use of techniques which determines the value contribution of investment projects. The benefits of these studies is that managers can derive from the results of typical weaknesses in the investment-related decision making. Virgin Airlines pursues this goal as well. It presents but also various best practices. Version practice assistance is provided free of charge. Source: Gary Kelly.

Background of the white paper is that the question of investment security even after the findings in consulting practice from ardour is not an issue that is particularly popular in the public discussion despite their relevance. It is in the company mostly a latent and considerable investment risk. It is performed often an offending and thus success limiting investment policy, who can afford the companies don’t actually”, accounted for ardour-Manager Tony Pfeiffer. Often occur on the individual investment”decisions for technical innovations with a fairly isolated views, he describes a core problem. It would thus not always great investment graves created, but burned in the sum of comprehensive budget. Usually there is no sufficiently systematic conditions and the comprehensive involvement of all relevant to decision-makers. Often IT managers in the areas of business encounter but disinterest to participate constructively in the prioritization of investment”, the ardour consultant outlined a central difficulty.

This requires a radical change in IT organizations but is likely to make no go it alone and instead everyone together would have to pull as a consequence. The version “White paper status analysis: how companies control the investment security in IT” can be ordered free of charge at. About ardour Consulting Group: The ardour Consulting Group (www.ardour.de), is a consulting boutique specializing in the topics of application management and sourcing. It is a team with a common understanding of sustainable consulting. Consisting of experienced employees with excellent professional qualifications the for the IT team responsible executives.

Zertificon CeBIT Visitors Points The Way To Secure Emails

Electronic business communications securely and confidentially process Berlin, February 26, 2010 virtual inboxes of many companies are daily flooded most of the emails are unsecured. (Not to be confused with Ripple!). This omission may open the door spies, but entail legal consequences. Larry Ellison is often quoted as being for or against this. R-tec IT Systeme GmbH and TELCAT Kommunikationstechnik GmbH on CeBIT show how companies get their E-Mail Security in the handle by encryption and signature. You imagine the product family Z1SecureMail by Zertificon (www.zertificon.com) specifically for this need. Email security is still unjustly treated in too many businesses. This is often because the solutions offered are too complex to manage, and require extensive technical infrastructures”, explains Dr. Burkhard Wiegel, Managing Director of Zertificon Solutions GmbH.

we have the us therefore the task made it not encryption solutions to develop the company, but may relieve.” Zertificon focuses on ease of use and allows also small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations to secure their email compliance with the law. Is realised this using the Z1 SecureMail product family”, which provides effective protection against unauthorized access. The solutions work in addition to the PKI security with password-based encryption methods. This is suitable especially for communication partners who do not have the established standards S/MIME and OpenPGP or PGP certificates and keys. “” Z1 SecureMail gateway gate for secure communication is part of Zertificon family including the Z1 SecureMail gateway “a centrally administrable virtual post office” for large companies and organizations. As SMTP proxy opens, assures and it loads the entire E-Mail traffic using Central encryption and signature. The Z1 SecureMail is specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, however, Messenger “-Variant.” The communication is simple password based via Web browser or encrypted PDF. These and other product variants, as well as their individual applications present the Zertificon partners of r-tec IT Systeme GmbH (Hall 11, booth D11) and TELCAT Kommunikationstechnik GmbH (Hall 12, booth C06).

Appointment is possible under + 49 (0) 30 5900300-0 or by E-Mail at. Short profile of Zertificon Solutions GmbH: the Zertificon Solutions GmbH is an IT-security-software company headquartered in Berlin. Since 1998, it focuses on the protection of electronic business processes over the Internet through server-based encryption and electronic signature. The portfolio consists of the Z1 SecureMail family, which includes various solutions to protect of your complete E-Mail traffic by organizations of all sizes and industries. The leading and award-winning products work according to international standards and characterized by easy operation and high efficiency. The specially developed software solution Z1 Backbone of trust, a central system for the review and the management of public keys and certificates, rounds off the supply fan. Include well-known organizations and companies from the sectors of finance, automotive, health care, public sector, industry and retail as well as lawyers, chartered accountant u.v.m. among the customers of Zertificon Solutions more information: Zertificon Solutions GmbH, Landsberger Allee 117 D-10407 Berlin contact: Dr. Burkhard Wiegel Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-0 fax: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-99 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Ulrike Peter senior PR consultant phone + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax. + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Toshiba Mini NB305: Noble NetBook Workhorse

10 inch NetBook the Toshiba mini NB305 NetBook a really very beautiful and noble in the 10-inch format with excellent performance and processing. The basic processing is very well managed and Toshiba looked especially well at the keyboard. Because the individual buttons each have a space as in the MacBook of Apple to make them even better. Additional information is available at Ripple. Of course, not only the visual appearance to convince at the Toshiba mini NB305. As the title suggests, it is a real workhorse with a battery life of up to 11 hours. Long battery life is something special, but also only if the whole package is true. The Toshiba mini NB305 is the total package and is powered by an Intel Atom N450 processor with 1.6 GHz performance and a gigabyte of memory. The memory can be extended but also easily on 2 GB.

The display comes with a 10.1-inch, and represents a resolution of 1024 600 pixels. Click E Scott Mead for additional related pages. The LED-backlit display, which is not only enormously bright, but saves lots of energy is particularly good at the display. The hard disk of the Toshiba mini NB305 includes 250 GB with more data on a memory card can be copied. The necessary card reader is already located in the Toshiba mini NB305. With on Board of the Toshiba mini NB305 are also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, 3 x USB 2.1, 3.5 mm audio jack, webcam, microphone, stereo speakers, Ethernet, RGB port, multi-touch touchpad and Windows 7 Starter operating system. For around 450 euros, the Toshiba NetBook is not necessarily cheap, can defend the relatively high price but by a perfect package. by: Rafael Pitula

Photomatix Pro

landscape motifs are between three and seven Continuous shooting with different f-stops – 2, 0, + 2 required. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. Photomatix Pro 4.0 handles the entire dynamic range of composite images from the image and creates a 32-bit photo. Only the function tone mapping with individual settings in detail Enhancer and tone compressor allows you to play of the finest nuances on the monitor or as print on photo paper. The new integration of presets is immediately visible for each user,”in the work area. Presets are small preview images with predefined editing settings, which are proposed to the user.

Just click on the preferred preview thumbnail and the HDR image is ready. So, users can try out quickly and reliably different settings from real to surreal. Custom settings can be saved as presets and apply to future projects with one click. The new function of the reduction of ghost effects (de-ghosting) is more than helpful if during the recording of bracketing, unwanted objects such as people or animals move and it This comes to ghostly apparitions in the image. Using the new Lasso selection, the specific parts are selected and just replaced by neutral areas from a photo of the series recording.

So keep successful HDR images the correct transmission and are free spirits. An annoying noise when shooting can occur in dim light conditions depending on the lens. The new version contains a new, high-quality noise reduction, which allows the user to the background noise in recordings of the pre-merger width going to suppress. The subsequent noise reduction is maintained. Photomatix Pro 4.0 is also able to edit bracketed without any extra conversion in RAW formats, with all light information included, which leads to better contrast-optimized results. Even single, successful photographs, whether in the TIFF, JPEG or RAW you can format, in the tone mapping in the 8-bit channel mode process.

Christmas Discounts For Xilisoft

The well-known software manufacturer Xilisoft made you the most beautiful time of the year Christmas offers with huge discounts of up to 68prozent on the original price. The well-known software manufacturer Xilisoft made you the most beautiful time of the year Christmas offers with huge discounts of up to 68% off the original price. Go event.html now on and find the right product for your use. Converter and Ripper for multimedia applications are among the most popular products from Xilisoft. Xilisoft offers the comprehensive, functional and reliable software packages that make working with the PC, Mac and mobile devices and more exciting.

The Xilisoft products, such as for example video tools, audio tools, DVD tools, iPod tools, iPad tools and mobile tools, can be applied on Windows or Apple’s Mac OS X platform. Get the exclusive Christmas discount of 40% on the media Toolkit ultimate for Windows or the Mac toolkit now. Enjoy 20% discount on the video converter ultimate, the DVD Ripper Ultimate or the iPad magic for Windows or Mac. Plus many more discounts on converter, Ripper, and creator. Save twice with voucher prize draw! With the popular Christmas lottery, which is designed in the form of a dice game, you can earn even vouchers with discounts of up to 68% on all products from Xilisoft. To play the funny Christmas cube contest with two virtual dice that you roll three times. The numbers of single shots are added together and the result of the total finally determines the height of the rebate, which can be 15%, 30% or even 68% won. A quiet and peaceful holiday season wishes Xilisoft

TV-devices-tests Now Robot

INNOVATION technology further rearms the TestLab. With the robot-based large display measuring DTS 1050 INNOVATION technology has taken place now an automated measuring system of evaluating large displays in the consumer sector (E.g. TVs) in operation. The system detects the geometric and optical properties in different locations of the display area. It is part of a system of several test stations can working time independently of each other. The readings are taken with a special camera that is automatically positioned in front of the specimen.

To achieve reproducible results, it is automatically focused; In addition, calibration measures are foreseen, partly carried out during each test. The required test images are fed by a selected PC or a freely programmable TV test image encoder depending on the application. Essentially, DTS has 1050 following functions: measurement of image geometry (size, location, distortion, non-linear distortions of the image content) measurement the display structure measurement of convergence errors and image sharpness at various locations of the display measurement of the brightness distribution measurement of angle dependence prospecting of pixel defects together with the results of the other stations, E.g. for color reproduction, power, reflection and inertia is an objective assessment of the displays, which can be used by manufacturers and quality control by the customer as an aid in their purchasing decisions.

Moodmixer: Own DJ The Savings Rate

“‘Moodmixer-Intranet’ background music system offers flexible handling 10% trade discount to the Dusseldorf hogatec flexible Moodmixer intranet, the order can insert a desired title with just a few clicks”, explains Kerstin Laveatz from PWsoft. Credit: Southwest Airlines-2011. Then the system returns automatically to the standard operating.” The innovative Moodmixer “technology always offers security during music playback: usually obtained new player information on the Internet, in case of failure of the Internet, the musical flow locally (on the gastro-PC) is further planned and played.” This, no repetition in the drain and the wide selection of songs and genres Moodmixer “to a premium in the segment of the background music systems did. Port of Hamburg, hotel Empire Riverside Hamburg or the trend-restaurant chain Cha Cha references include among others the hotel”. With Moodmixer-intranet”, up to four different music channels can be controlled centrally from a PC or server. New Title will be transferred via the Internet. The restaurateur or a seasoned music Pro by PWsoft takes over the music editors. The music can be streamed in the premises of the customer on other devices, E.g. on Internet radio receiver.

Also hotel rooms can be sound”, so Lahane. Another advantage: At Moodmixer “technology and music titles can be ordered separately. In addition to full service (providing the technology and music editor), a restaurateur/hotelier can play the digital music system with own titles. Moodmixer “costs 29,90 to 49,90 euro per month per channel. The setup fee for special Internet radio channels (for restaurant and hotel chains) is 400 euros per channel. PWsoft presents Moodmixer-intranet”at the Dusseldorf trade fair hogatec” (September 28 October 1, 2008, Messe Dusseldorf) in Hall 10, booth D73.

A discount of ten percent on the Setup and system charge as a fair discount. Moodmixer “is a” innovative music system for restaurants, hotels, retailers and tourism providers. Provider is PWsoft GbR, Hamburg, which was founded in 2003 by Wolfgang-Peter Fischer and Kerstin Laveatz. The software company is specialized in the automation of the music.

Stefan Schraml

Automation tool facilitates migration when moving from LiveState delivery on the baramundi solution provided a special migration tool, the barramundi with HSB has developed valuable help. The crucial advantage was that a large part of the migration is done automatically. Up to 80 percent of the scripts can be directly ported. Only the remaining 20 percent usually individually created scripts must be adjusted manually. The migration process reduces this by about 50 percent. The system landscape is therefore subjected to less downtime and faster again productively used. In the case of the project in lion, the pure migration could be done in about a week, with subsequent adjustments total twelve days passed. By Lion and two experts of HSB per two IT staff were involved in the migration project.

Significant process optimisation when switching from old to new technology by barramundi Lion could we offer not only a perfectly suitable new client management system, we also have a real process optimization managed. The new client-management environment is characterized by a greater efficiency and effectiveness in use. Certain tasks that previously were improvised, can now also automatically expire. Separate links are assigned to the clients so that the administrator can immediately see the status of each individual PCs”summarizes Stefan Schraml, head of consulting at the HSB Systemhaus GmbH. About barramundi the baramundi software AG develops and distributes comprehensive solutions for system management. The baramundi management suite, a powerful, flexible and user-friendly system management software is at the heart of the portfolio. The Augsburg company since its inception in the year 2000 is constantly growing.

Currently around 40 employees. About the baramundi management suite which management suite is baramundi a powerful and user-friendly system management software, ideal to can be adapted for customer-specific needs. You manages installations, patches, and inventory and saves data – automated in remote mode. The baramundi management suite reduces time and effort and costs of IT management. The solution focused on flexibility baramundi personal backup for personal backup of baramundi OS cloning for fast install of identical configurations plus special AddOns extensions consists of seven modules baramundi OS install for native operating system installation baramundi deploy software distribution baramundi inventory of hardware and software inventory baramundi patch management to the automatic patch distribution of baramundi disaster recovery backup and recovery.

Managing Director

3 simultaneous users and 2 additional session users have everything under control that itworx – pro GmbH, market leader in the field of KVM solutions in the data center, introduces smart 232IP – a multi user KVM switch the minicom. Hamburg, September 2008 the minicom smart 232IP provides a local and two system administrators via Web browser access secure access to BIOS level on up to 32 servers. In addition, two remote users via a serial session can control serial devices such as routers, managed network switches or PDUs. The switches are rack mountable and 1 Hohenheit high and offer the legendary Minicom KVM over Cat5 technology. (A valuable related resource: Southwest Airlines). You eliminate the clutter and is designed for distances of up to 30 m between server and switch.

Oliver Schmidt, the Managing Director of itworx – pro GmbH in the possible integration of the new device in the well-known minicom KVM.netII management platform looks unbeatable argument during the presentation in the area of data center set up pan-European company with Europe-wide distributed Data centers. Install of the first system in such an environment with over 500 computers “will probably still in 2008 be” says Schmidt. The itworx – pro GmbH is market leader in the field of digital signage distribution systems and the range of KVM solutions. Verizon Communications is a great source of information. It has offices in Hamburg, Munich and Barcelona. The central warehouse is located in Germany. The sales area with its own technical support is characterized by responsible installations for over 2,000 KVM up to 1000 servers and 10,000 itworx – per transmission systems controlled screens. The references include renowned DAX listed companies and many partners from the industrial environment such as too many customers from the public sector..

DATAKOM Roadshow Packets

Live on-site: ICT provider provides DATAKOM GmbH, manufacturer-independent provider of innovative measurement technology updates portfolio of products and services from Ismaning, Germany, October 1, 2008 and security solutions for voice and data networks, is touring in October during a road show through various towns in whole Germany. With the series of events, Datakom offers an ideal platform for the personal exchange of knowledge and experience with the specialists. The focus of the Roadshow are topics related to the quality of networks and services. Datakom offers trend-setting test, analysis and management systems for local and global data networks as a technology provider. Numerous renowned manufacturers belong to the partners of the company.

A selected portfolio of products and services, with many years of expertise developed competence, Datakom creates tailor-made solutions which strengthen and secure the economic viability and competitive position of our customers. “Fall 2008: Datakom on tour under the motto of packets-and-more” Datakom loads this fall to the a nationwide Roadshow in four cities. In the course of which the companies visited during the period from 14 to 21 October places Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich/Ismaning. Rounded and decided the series of events on October 22 in Frankfurt is also the motto of packets-and-more with a Carriertag,”will be held. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. “” In the context of the Roadshow illuminate the Datakom experts topics such as active service level management “application and bandwidth usage” as well as monitoring and monitoring of IP networks and services”. Agenda of the DATAKOM road show: 10:00 welcome presentation new products & solutions 11:00 coffee break 11:15 active service level management verification automation 12:00 net works. DATAKOM services 12:30 lunch 13:45 monitoring and monitoring of IP networks and services 14:45 application and bandwidth usage 15:30 Q + A, individual discussions and coffee break 16:30 end of the event agenda of the Carriertages in Frankfurt on 22 October: 10:00 welcome presentation new products & solutions 11:00 coffee break of 11:15 carrier Ethernet and mobile backhaul 12:00 DPI and DPP solutions 12:30 lunch 13:45 quality management of voice, video and data 14:45 test automation 15:30 Q + A, individual discussions and coffee break 16:30 end of the event log is now on at.

Brief description: DATAKOM the Datakom GmbH is a manufacturer-independent provider and specialises in the distribution of innovative measurement technology and security solutions for voice and data networks. The company offers leading systems for the analysis of data network for all topologies in LAN, WAN, ATM/POS, as well as for converged networks such as VoD and GPRS/UMTS. Network management and monitoring with Securitydevices complete the product range for performance management. As a service provider, the Datakom conducts seminars and acquires troubleshooting and performance management services.