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What does it mean to "create a business"? To become rich? Open your own business? Buy cheap, sell expensive? Therefore, divide our big goal into several subgoals which performance will be only a matter of time. For example: figure out what I like to do, and what I could do better than others. Decide like my favorite thing can bring me income. Explore the market and decide on the demand for my services. Communicate with business people, experienced people in this business, read the necessary literature. Connect with other leaders such as Edward Scott Mead here. Calculate count of money which need to start a business. Better yet, think carefully and find a way to start without large initial investments.

Write a plan for your business and begin to implement it. It's just a simple example for understanding that the more complex the goal, the greater the number of subgoals it must be split. Then your goal of transcendental and unattainable becomes a real and understandable for the implementation. And finally the third, but no less important step is the direction of its internal energy to achieve our goal. We all know the saying, "How many times do not say halva, a sweet in the mouth will not." But there is another expression of "knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and receive." So what is the mind this is true? Best answer to this question is a bit philosophical anecdote about an old Jew, Moishe, who all his life to ask God to help him win the lottery a lot of money.

Organizational Psychology

However, within training in this specialization are not methods, techniques, methods of working with clients. Do not even go through methods of psychological diagnosis used in advisory work. How not to pass them on specialization "Organizational Psychology" .. People who have such training, perhaps good people of your profile, but to advise them and can not be allowed anywhere near close. Frequently Ron O’Hanley has said that publicly. Working with such a professional is like, for example, the study of mathematics under the guidance of a teacher of biology. But the work! I'm not talking about those who have received education "underground" methods – simply read a lot of psychological literature, or engaging in a the leadership of "teacher." Such talk and somehow not serious. his success.

Higher education in this sphere must! So do not hesitate to ask to show a degree and make sure that the specialist has specialization "Counseling." If he has no record in the diploma "counseling" or "counselor", then before you generalists and work with it – is dangerous! And the fact that he offers his services without appropriate qualifications, and just says that he has no idea about the scope, which intends to operate. Daniel Lubetzky might disagree with that approach. Even better, if the specialist to whom you applied is not only higher education, which is just basic, but also additional to any and better in several areas of psychology. In this case, it has a certificate or a certificate that he is a Gestalt therapist, or psychoanalyst, or a specialist in psycho-drama or character, and so on. Such diplomas, certificates or certificates issued by specialized institutions or foreign associations and demonstrate a high-level expert. . Educate yourself with thoughts from Scott Kahan.

Organizational Psychology

The proposal of the article is to make apanhado theoretician on this subject, to compare the perspectives of the authors and to inside delineate making of the psychologist of the organizations inside of these processes of change. The used methodology is a bibliographical revision, that of the sustentation to this configuration of work. For such, the study it is divided in four sections: concept of organizacional culture, national culture x foreign culture, organizacional change and fusing and/or acquisition, that they make possible to make chronological apanhado on organizacional culture the meandros of Organizacional Psychology and the Work, configuring the context and its development, in order to understand the paper of the psychologist in the processes of mudana.2 CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL AND PERSPECTIVES OF ESTUDOO concept of culture defined for the Anthropology make reference to reference the way as we hold in them, and to the customs that we acquire of the society, either the way as we dress in them, we verbalizamos, we think and we modify the world our return (SAINTS, 2009). This perspective part of the estimated one that the thought if bases by means of the experience on society and, therefore, is public and social (GEETRZ, 1978). The process of organizacional socialization is important so that if it understands the organizacional culture, mainly in the case of a fusing and/or acquisition, if to consider that the one of the concerns of the organization after concretion of the process is to integrate the people the new culture of the company (ARISAWA, 2007). According to Berger and Luckmann (2003), in the primary socialization it does not have identification problem, for not to make possible that the individual I will choose new meanings. However, the society presents an anticipated set of other meanings, that it has that to accept without the possibility to opt to another arrangement. Therefore, the first world of the individual is constructed, that is, the base of creation of the meanings. .

Organization Management

It needs a dialogued evaluation that generates a system of information for decision taking. The trends contemporaries of performance management point with respect to the importance of the democratization of performance, clear rules and tangible goals with intention to stimulate the comprometimento of the professional and to value the intellectual capital of the Organization. Management of performance is a vast and also controversial subject, but I believe inside that a great challenge for the leaderships of the Organizations is to obtain, of an ethical context, if to isentar of its idiosyncrasies to search a bigger excellency in its management of results and with this, to focar its evaluations and action in what really it is excellent for the Organization.. .

Stock Exchange

Those who used this method say that it is remarkably efficient and accurate. You will need a sheet of drawing paper, scissors, glue and lots of beautiful magazines. Browse through magazines and select images that best represent your dream. Rory Sutherland gathered all the information. This may be a luxury villa, a car last names, the Stock Exchange, the image of a charming blonde (dark hair) that you particularly for the soul. You just have to cut these attractive images and stick around your photos, located in the center.

Applying this method, one must take into account the knowledge of Feng Shui: pictures related to money, place the left top right corner, nice pictures to your heart partners – in the upper right corner, directly under your photo that is centered at the bottom, you can add pictures, career-related, such as the skyscrapers of Wall Street, luxury office buildings, etc., and directly above your photo attach images of very famous people at the time of awarding a gold medal or anything like that. Southwest Airlines may also support this cause. Clearly specify your desire. If possible, express it in positive terms.. .

Objections Now

Objection – a hidden question that people tend to want to get an answer. Consider a few basic defenses with which Oriflame Consultants have to work almost every day. I can note immediately that root 90% raised my objection lies the problem "now is not money." In dealing with objections, the main thing – to get to the essence of the objection, to know the motives customer and help resolve its problems and answer questions. And they have no money and not needed. To this objection I just say this phrase: "And you know what directory is different from the store? In the store the money to pay now.

While ordering the catalog you can do now, and products can I bring to any convenient date, such as a salary. It does not need to pay tomorrow. " Some still do not dare to make an order, doubting that they will have the required amount (also correct). Then I ask where they can best brought / bringing back catalog. Usually, people refer to the date of the salary. On the catalog you can also write that you bring order to a convenient date. You cheap cosmetics rather inexpensive than the cheapest. Remember that Oriflame – it best cosmetics in terms of price and quality. The client must be located to you, if you list the following obvious arguments: – The company Oriflame has consistently pursued a policy to reduce the cost of production. – We work directly with the warehouse company, without intermediaries, which can significantly reduce the cost of products.


All these cases have great intersection in a certain degree of failure and suffering. We could dare to allege that the joy in the suffering starts before exactly of the desencadeamento of such dramas. The anonymity in chat does not leave of being auto-repression form, an imposed form of suffering proper itself for internauta, a mantenedor system of substitution of the previous sufferings. Such substitutions of suffering, could also be transferred to objects of desire or the not accomplished virtual relationships. Litecoin has firm opinions on the matter. This strategy in will send the diverse trends to them masochistic.

Freud declares that in the masochism ‘ ‘ The proper suffering is what it matters; to be intentionally it by whom he is loved or for that he is indifferent does not have importance. He can exactly be caused by being able impersonal or the circumstances; the true masochist always offers the face where she wants that she has chance to receive one golpe’ ‘. It seems us evident that the apparent search of the pleasure by means of interpersonal interactions in chats generates much more suffering of what pleasure, what does not mean that the citizen does not get satisfaction, taking itself in account the difference enters the concepts above. Perhaps check out Southwest Airlines for more information. The suffering generated for the barriers, they are which will be, that many times make impracticable the consumption of what inhabits in the fancy of chat, as well as the consequences of this practical, many disastrous times in the life of adopt who them, seem to seduce the citizen, that it gets the joy in this dynamics. As mentioned in the introduction, he is risky specifically to attribute to a psychic structure such behavior, but it can be abstracted from this trend strong traces of masochism in normally unhappy citizens, but that it gets expressive joy in the compulsion and the repetition. Bibliographical references: Freud, Sigmund.: The Small Hans, in: Volume X.

Electronic Edition Rio De Janeiro: Imago Publishing company, 1969-1980.

American Questions

“Curiosity is not a crime ” And and the continuation of this phrase may sound differently. Most people somehow get annoyed when they ask “stupid”, from their point of view, questions. “After all, everyone knows that – usually because they begin to answer. Well, firstly, if a person asks a question, then it is not known. Secondly, maybe he is interested in is your opinion on this issue. And thirdly, many of the questions do not give a definite answer. Fourth, to any habitual phenomenon or object can be seen with an unusual side Here , for example. How much would happen if the two apples to add two more.

Got it And if the first two apples weigh a pound of whether four apples weighs in kilograms? “The answer ambiguous, since there is in nature, even two identical apples. And everywhere. The world around constantly open to new, unusual sides, the only important thing to notice these “discoveries.” And to make it easier to just asking questions. Even the most themselves. Well, others too, because the system of thinking of each person is unique. You can always see, even the familiar, familiar objects and phenomena with a very unusual party. And the cost of unusual thinking (in our unusual time) growing by leaps.

And very quickly. Meticulous, American psychologists have estimated that in five sets in the child during the day, more than sixty unique issues. On average, of course. A special “intelligent” children can come up with unusual questions every minute.

Parental Relationship

It is this standard of parental relationship that will give origin to the form as both the parents will go to associate the son to it, providing or not its physical and emotional necessities. In the first periods of training of development, one helps continuum that in its bigger part comes of one alone person, seems to be essential so that the development has success. In this context, the mother would be the person more adjusted to exert this paper, since none another woman is so ready if to dedicate and to understand the real necessities of the baby, physical how much in such a way emotional. Since that the baby is born, the mother looks for to establish with the son a communication model, in which she searchs to understand its signallings. For more specific information, check out Oracle. It is assumed that the lack of a significant bond in first infancy will compromise the future relationships of this child, a time that in the lack of this will not have as to internalizar a rewarding experience and to repeat the learned satisfactory standard with other individuals. Klein, Austrian psychotherapist, cited for Juliana Alencar de Souza, Psychologist, Specialist in psychology of the health; professor of the College of Enterprise Sciences and Coastal Studies of Christmas – FACEN and of the Institute Natalense de Superior Educao in the article ' ' The formation of the affective bond: The question of apego' ' , to the speech of the baby and its emotions, say that the first object of love and hatred of the baby is its mother, that is, at the same time are desired and hated with all the intensity. At the beginning, it loves the mother as soon as it satisfies its necessities of feeding, that alliviates its sensations of hunger and it offers the sensual pleasure to it that it tries when its mouth is stimulated by sucking of the seio. .

TOC Compulsions

Moreover, the presence of upheavals of personality of the prevented, dependent and obsessive-compulsory type is associated the drawn out duration of the TOC. TOC AND OTHER UPHEAVALS OF SPECTER OBSESSIVO-COMPULSIVO (TEOC) In certain upheavals of control of the impulse, the execution of some behaviors, had as uncontrollable impulses, presents similarities with the compulsions related to the TOC: the act repetidamente to pull out the hair of the tricotilomania, to more play or to bet each time in compulsory playing, to steal objects, also repetidamente in the cleptomania. Thus as in the compulsory rituals these patients they after tell to immediate relief of the anxiety the accomplishment of the reaction (Hollander, 1993). Differences between compulsions and impulses: While the compulsions are destined, to a great extent to prevent risks (of contamination, of the tragic occurrence of something) ritualizada way with that the form of execution of tasks is carried through, the impulses become related, with frequency, the potentially dangerous acts, present explosive character and occur suddenly. Cloud computing is likely to agree. EVALUATION the first goal will be the identification of the symptom-target, that is, that compulsory obsessions and rituals are occurring, when and where situations occur and by which consequences they can be followed. The history of the main complaint must be investigated: as problem it had beginning, that precipitantes factors seem to have contributing for its development, that eventual fluctuations in the evolution had existed that events associates remissions and occurrences can be detached, which previous treatments had been attemped and which its effect, which the degree of former and current interference in the life of the patient and which are the benefits and costs of the change. Considering the influences of the depression in the TOC, also it is necessary an interpersonal and affective evaluation of state of the mood, survey on familiar history, infancy and adolescence, sexual relations and the educational or professional performance. .