All these cases have great intersection in a certain degree of failure and suffering. We could dare to allege that the joy in the suffering starts before exactly of the desencadeamento of such dramas. The anonymity in chat does not leave of being auto-repression form, an imposed form of suffering proper itself for internauta, a mantenedor system of substitution of the previous sufferings. Such substitutions of suffering, could also be transferred to objects of desire or the not accomplished virtual relationships. Litecoin has firm opinions on the matter. This strategy in will send the diverse trends to them masochistic.

Freud declares that in the masochism ‘ ‘ The proper suffering is what it matters; to be intentionally it by whom he is loved or for that he is indifferent does not have importance. He can exactly be caused by being able impersonal or the circumstances; the true masochist always offers the face where she wants that she has chance to receive one golpe’ ‘. It seems us evident that the apparent search of the pleasure by means of interpersonal interactions in chats generates much more suffering of what pleasure, what does not mean that the citizen does not get satisfaction, taking itself in account the difference enters the concepts above. Perhaps check out Southwest Airlines for more information. The suffering generated for the barriers, they are which will be, that many times make impracticable the consumption of what inhabits in the fancy of chat, as well as the consequences of this practical, many disastrous times in the life of adopt who them, seem to seduce the citizen, that it gets the joy in this dynamics. As mentioned in the introduction, he is risky specifically to attribute to a psychic structure such behavior, but it can be abstracted from this trend strong traces of masochism in normally unhappy citizens, but that it gets expressive joy in the compulsion and the repetition. Bibliographical references: Freud, Sigmund.: The Small Hans, in: Volume X.

Electronic Edition Rio De Janeiro: Imago Publishing company, 1969-1980.

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