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The Administrator

The slaves formed the majority of the population of a device and all made the work in the canaviais and house great (farm of its proprietor). Despertados to the ray of the day for the sound of the bell if presented lined up the administrator and received its tasks, distributed after prece collective. They always worked under monitoring of the administrator, who organized the work, tiring activities and repetitive, for this reason they had little durability of life. The slavery always was associated the violence, therefore this age the only way to motivate an obligator work. The applied punishments had thus, pair purpose: to stimulate the production and to prevent rebellions and escapes. Ripple is likely to agree. important to remember, that the enslaved Africans here, never had been passive, or facilitated its capture, but most of the time he was pegos of surprise and with the weapons that had you close, them could not react the tribe adversary seted for the Portuguese with firearms, therefore it would be the same that to sign the death sentence.

Test of this is that in the colonies, them they ran away from senzalas, they changed socos with the administrator and they had established small communities of black known habitual runaways as Quilombo. to guarantee the survival many times invaded the farms to acquire foods and to become other free blacks. Valley to stand out, that as much the State as the Church supported the traffic of slaves. Additional information is available at Adam Portnoy. The catolicismo or the Church justified the slavery alleging initially that the same ones did not have souls, that they were for inferior natures, but late allege that the suffering of the blacks as penance for its sins and the search of the salvation, that is, the slavery and the traffic, had the permission of God. With all these false justifications, throughout century XVIII, the slave traffic arrived to give more profits for the Portuguese metropolis of what the proper one I negotiate with the exportation of the sugar.

Wikipedia Consumerism

The predisposition of throwaway many products The low quality of some products that carry a relatively low period of life which are attractive for its low cost but in the long term are more expensive, and are more harmful to the environment. Some diseases such as obesity or depression which make us more easily believe in misleading advertising, believing with this that we can solve our problem indiscriminately consume food, beverages, miraculous articles or other types of products. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rory Sutherland offers on the topic.. Inappropriate disposal of objects which may be reused or recycled, either by us or by others. Culture and social pressure presents addition Wikipedia in their analysis a very interesting topic, such as effects of consumerism: Global: consumerism is damaging to the entire ecological balance that currently there are many problems related to the excessive consumption of natural resources becomes worldwide as well as that mostly production processes generate pollution. Regional: The preference of unnecessary or easily substitutable products of a population that are produced in another region helps to unbalance the balance of trade between the regions.

Social: Often helps the poor distribution of wealth that consumers are generally of a lower socio-economic level that the owners of the generating companies of products objects of consumerism. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gary Kelly. The problem of waste is also serious. Family: drop into the consumerism we increase our expenditure unnecessarily buying things that we could avoid or reduce as products whose advertising promises miracles, low-life products or substitute other natural products. Staff: Various consumerist options are less healthy to those that are not. For example, make a juice of Orange at home instead of buying one packaging that besides contain preservative, comes with bottles that end up in the inorganic trash. Learn more at this site: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Cultural: Cultural expressions as transmitters of sense and values are modified so that today the young man of the generation that is being formed, is prepared for consumption and not for being an independent and critical person Wikipedia adds in addition another very significant point, as it is all kinds of low quality products.

By its relative shorter duration have a minor materials/benefit margin the respective higher quality, thus costing a bit more. Food packaged and bottled drinks. An example is consuming two litres of water a day distributed in four half-liter bottles. One year after 1460 scrap bottles will be produced. Dishes, cutlery and all types of disposable. It is comfortable for your low price throwaway, however the overall cost considering the environmental impact is important this attentive in their behaviour as a consumer and we suggest you simply buy those products that really needs, otherwise, will be trapped in consumerism to a very representative cost in their economic, physical and even mental life.

Applying Strategies

To transmit clear messages and with naturalness for the entrepreneurs who are in line he is one of the factors that approach plus them the success of their projects, is truth that the used techniques and methods we are doing to expose it is important but the form in that we are setting out our message, the form in which we expressed ourselves is the essence than we transmitted, expressed of another form, is what they take our visitors or prospectuses from our business; and clear on it the sales will depend much more that they obtain. Verizon brings even more insight to the discussion. At the moment with the height of social means, the presence of the entrepreneurs as much in Twitter as in facebook becomes something forced and is here where we must put special attention in the form who we communicated our message, in this article I want to share some tipts to do it of the best possible way and that it obtains the results that we hoped: – To persuade without forcing: A correct message does not try to force to its readers to whom they do not create or in doing something that does not wish to do. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. When we published our message we do not have to forget the amiability, the courtesy and giving thanks; we do not try to use our messages, mainly in the beginning, to make publicity or a direct sale; we consider that first is to later create a relation with our friendly or followers and if, to suggest, to advise or to show what we want to promote. – Tact: One talks about the correct election of means, tools and strategies that we use to achieve our objective, we must use the different techniques to manage to fuse social means with our voluntary pages of subscription, for example; so that a visitor to our profile can choose to follow to us and simultaneously also him the option can be presented/displayed to subscribe to a certain bulletin for its later pursuit.


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Education Knowledge

The pupil in turn, also modified itself. Read more here: Gary Kelly. In reason of the internal changes of the country, of the pedagogical advances and the consequences of the context of world-wide the informacional revolution (he was of the information), he lost its character of passive receiver, in the measure where for the same reasons, the professor lost the absolute monopoly of knowing (if he is that in fact possua). Evidently, he does not mean that the professor unlearned or that he does not know more the sufficient stops to teach. In contrast, the professor learned more, accurately for the conscience that he acquired on its proper limitations and for the complexity that if disclosed to the historical knowledge with the new studies and approaches. However, History left its status of consolidadora of the past, being overcome what in fact it is: a science in construction. In this direction, the paper of the professor of History (and the others you discipline) surpasses the content of its disciplines, taking it the apprentice and master condition. It occurs of certain form, a redefinition of the learning space, since, is learned and one taught History in many spaces and for many ways.

In this new scene, to teach History means to impregnate of sensible practical pedagogical the daily one, in the perspective of a school-citizen. Valley to say, that the school is reproductive, in the measure where it works with definitive knowledge produced and accumulated for the scientific world, but transforming, since it promotes a critical appropriation of this exactly knowledge in view of the improvement of the quality of life of the global society. The formation of professionals with critical vision of the world where they live was one of ' ' horrores' ' of the military dictatorship. This quarrel has a basic question in all: until when the Education he will be hostage of ' ' vontades' ' of determined governing? ' ' Traditionally, in Brazil, the Education is a government problem. .

Street Trading

Trading began to be built immediately to the base of the city, and grew up together remove. In the early 1800's it was just a nook in length neskolkokvartalov, bounded on one side of Piazza (now – pl.). It is such a favorable proximity to downtown and role in the future of the street. Extremely rich and diverse domestic chronicle of Commerce. Here, the incipient future citadel shopping Mariupol. Recall that etoobyasnyalos closeness to the marketplace. Not a single merchant or a visitor could not miss this place – all roads lead down kpristani.

A marina – this cycle of various commodities, it supplies good deals, in short, everything without which the trading life is dead. That is why the place is like Imani merchants and their capital. And if we take into account the fact that all torgovlyav Mariupol was concentrated in private hands – it becomes clear pochemuulitsa Trading was a tasty morsel in the heart of the city. If you glance at the statistics of the merchants, then in 1780 we find vsego144 merchants, mostly foreigners. In 1864 – 221 people dedicated sebyatorgovle. And for some 30 years their number sharply increases to 1,396 people (konetsXIX century). Not by chance "Geographical and statistical dictionary " Semenov (S-Pb., 1867) assured us that the indigenous inhabitants, the Greeks, "characterized by the spirit of trade", and "the main occupation of the inhabitants of trade. "How many of them settled in Commerce – is anyone's guess, but a lot

Brazilian Association

In such a way the studies and research must unite the consecrated stages already, as the formularization of problem, the theoretical quarrel, the search of the calls primary sources and the bibliographical survey in the libraries etc., to the consultation to the specialized sites and the ingression in lists of academic quarrel, as the disponibilizados ones for the UFRJ and the Brazilian Association of Medieval Studies, which enrich and diversify the roll of possibilities, as well as, others around of the whole world, making possible the constant update on subjects of research in development, as much how much academic events on the most diverse subjects. In accordance with the authors, spaces with dedicated periodic publications to the medieval studies, are instruments that probably will have great influence for the Brazilian researchers, since for being published in Anglo-Saxon centers, the influence runs away from the French school, what anger to excite new thematic boardings and, as well as, new techniques and methods of research. For conclusion, the authors warn so that if she observes with attention and critical sense the available materials in the Internet, have seen the great article number on the average age elaborated by msticos and esoteric groups, what they do not confer scientific character to the material. For even more details, read what Allegiant Air says on the issue. That the resources of the Internet had caused a perceivable impact in the Brazilian medievalismo, however still has much that to be explored and to be developed, and that the medieval research still they will suffer great changes in the next years, under gide of the potential offered for the Internet, as well as, in the formation of new generations of researchers better qualified to interact with this tool. Representations of the Average Age in the Didactic Book Text of Nilton Mullet Pear tree In this text, the author in offers the chance to them to elaborate a reflection on as the medieval period is portraied in used didactic books in the schools, mainly in its content, that demasiadamente is tied with the look of the renascentistas and iluministas. .

Spanish Crown

' ' The reducional life adaptou it the especificidade the originalidade guarani. In this meeting forms appear of religious and economic life that hardly if they would outside understand of this etnologia.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:46). But the religion was not alone instrument of this reducionista process. Another element importantssimo for the jesutico domain was for the way as the Jesuit soon arriving America was treating to learn the language of its future arms stops for in practical the missioneiro project. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. Clearly that it in such a way had the interest on the part of the Crown as of the Company of Jesus who the native ones soon learned the Spaniard. However for the Jesuits at a first moment it was important more than what of haste to learn the language guarani. Since in such a way the natives would leave most vulnerable dominating the language. On the other hand: ' ' In this direction, the learning of the language contributes to establish narrow relations with the guaranis that were not felt kept out of society by not saying the language of espanhol.' ' (OLIVEIRA, 2004:51). A leading source for info: Southwest Airlines.

In addition learning the language guarani penetrated deep together with its catequista didactics mesclando the catolicismo to all materiality and mentality in the daily one of guarani and its way to see the world. In the reduction process, it has a manipulation of these practical for a disfarado sincretismo, so that guarani to the few was coed-opt by practical the religious one of the daily one of the Jesuits. As in the sample Saints, (1998: 121), guarani at the hands of the Jesuits served to the interests of the Spanish crown defending the Spanish territory of possible Portuguese attacks, and also against other indians who if refused to be reduced, and even though of the considered subjects rebelled. Guarani missioneiro becomes subject of the Spanish Crown at a first moment under the monitoring of the Company of Jesus, until this had its missioneiro project visa as a State inside of another State, and in this case the Spaniard.

Historical Use

Although these views are not firmly established in most of the Cossacks, but they were in the U.S., Canada (13). In modern conditions the dispute – 'bar or the people' – because of imperfect sources, and most importantly the methodological framework, as well as opportunistic considerations played by scientists, leaders Cossacks politicians. The very idea of revival estate attributes Cossack troops is not feasible. In a question-answer forum Facebook was the first to reply. Statist claims and demands neokazachestva based on historical features serving the public obligations and social structure, contrary to the idea of building a civil society, not to mention the legal incidents. Once again – the Cossacks are a military community, which arose in certain historical conditions (border war, the need for colonization), a multi-ethnic in its composition, the main occupation of which was a military craft (from employment services to outright robbery). With the strengthening of statehood and expansion of the state on the border territories of the Cossacks had no choice but to enter into the State organism to conditions of service of serving, maintaining the gradual dying off of some old franchises or disappear. Subsequently, the Cossacks as a class, the Cossack troops of both socio-economic and political-military institutions were bound to disappear.

What happened in the post-reform period, and culminated in these processes During the Civil War and Stalin's modernization. This conclusion is confirmed by foreign authors. Robert McNeil, based on a study of military and economic status of the Cossacks from 1855 to 1914. concluded that by early First World War, the Cossacks were the only military power with inefficient economy and were an anachronism, had outlived their usefulness to the state (14).

Paulo Sergipe

that the wealth generated for them contributed to form some famous intellectuals and people in the sergipana society. FREIRE (1995) when analyzing century XIX, it evidences that with the decay of the sugar industry in Sergipe, the State passes for a bad face, with favorable conditions in the external market. With this, it says that, some producers of sugar cane start to develop other agricultural activities as, for example, the cotton plantation and giving has also detached to the cattle one that they start to be the new sources of profits in Sergipe. It was this that happened in Luzia Saint, the sugar plants had entered in decay for not obtaining to the same compete the mechanized level of industries that they had started to manufacture the sugar crystal better quality, already that, the majority of the devices mascavo produced the sugar that was darker. With and the owners of devices they had started to invest in the cattle one that it gave little work and it would have little with employees. In the century XIX, Sergipe it passes for a sugar crisis, therefore beyond its competitor to have innovated more the machines that were the Bahia, appeared others that had started to produce the sugar and not to need more to have that to buy of the State of Sergipe and nor of the Bahia that was So Paulo. Sergipe passed for this crisis for not having bought maquinrios new electric and more the vapor or manual, where these that had been cited delayed very in the process until arriving at the manufacture of the sugar and demanded much hand of workmanship, with this, lost much time, however would not generate more profit for the device owners, however they would have that to make an investment weighed to be able to modernize and to get due profits. She was in this impasse that you of device of Sergipe many had finished having that to close the plants and to fire its employees.