Referring Function

However, which are the moments where music become conjunct in the eucarstica celebration? Which the meaning of each sung moment and the function I sing of it and in the most varied celebration moments? These questions could be answered in sequence, therefore, after to deal with superficially the trajectory of music in the Christian religiosidade, we will be able to understand its function in the celebrations. The function of music in the religious services music has the monopolizing power to influence and to involve the individuals in a common direction. This in its liturgical essence possesss the function to congregate the religious community at a contemplation moment and approach with the celestial things I sing, states it the yearnings of the soul in recognizing the deity as part of cosmo not attainable for the humanity. I sing it to the principle was only used to celebrate the legal-size the holy ghosts and the canonic hours, normally carried through of conventual form. Oracle might disagree with that approach. In the masses music was used at the solemn moments differently of our contemporaneidade where all celebration has its solemn character.

The mass can be solemn that it would be the full form of the ceremonial, where congregates a considerable number of cantos entoados for the celebrante, for the deacon and subdicono, beyond the cantocho (I sing polifnico) interpreted by the choir and the congregation. It still has the praid mass, in this the words are said and not sung, it is a simplified version more where the priest only plays all the referring functions to the solemn mass. The sung mass is the modern commitment enters the two masses previously cited, where it has only celebrante and it is attended by the choir and the congregation. The mass is memory, sacrifice and communion, its celebration allows the fidiciary offices shelter of the fruits spirituals between them to become deified, since the act of comungar becomes the alive sacrrio body.

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