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In elapsing of the crecimento of its diplomatical relations with the old Soviet Union (the Ussr), the retaken one of the relations with Japan, the Russian, Japanese and English language passed to be icentivado in the country. China also kept good relations with the countries of Portuguese language, as Brazil, Portugal, Angola among others countries that today you compose the Countries of Portuguese Lingua (CPLP). The Portuguese started to be plus one of the languages ‘ ‘ minoritrias’ ‘ in China, until in 1960 the course of Portuguese in the University of Foreign Studies of Beijing was established, taking care of one of the necessities of the government for optimum relationship of it with its nations friends, this initiative was important, therefore in the first visit of the former-president, Goulart Joo to China in 1960, was not possible to find none intprete or translator of Portuguese language in the country. This was one of the important facts that it made at the time with that the study for this and other languages in China if became of average importance. Hewlett-Packard addresses the importance of the matter here. The incentives had come to benefit the students of Portuguese in the country, when in 1961, the licenciatura of Portuguese language in the University of Foreign Studies of Beijing was created, main school of languages in the country. According to data disponibilizados for the instutuio, in last the 50 years, more than 400 professionals had been formed, being that these, act in areas of the diplomacy, advertising, cultural and educational. In the present time, he is not of if frightening when finding Chinese speaking Portuguese in the south of China, mainly in Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other cities of the region. In these localities he has many Brazilians and Portuguese who live and work the years, contributing for the expeno of the language and its cultures in the region, beyond what, in these regions the commerce with the countries of Portuguese language it is a great source employer of the local inhabitants. In this same region is carried through important events, as the Frum de Ensino of the Portuguese Language in China, Cplulas of interchange between China and the CPLP. In the local commerce, it is more easy to find Brazilian and Portuguese films, typical restaurants, famous literatures in libraries of natives of the Portuguese language lusfonos, as ‘ ‘ Portuguese story Contemporneo’ ‘ (Portugal), ‘ ‘ Iracema’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Salesman of Sonhos’ ‘ (Brazil).

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