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When carrying through a formal analysis, the legal existence of the legal people only has its beginning from the register of its constituent acts, this constitution of a ONG that does not possess lucrative ends is a basic register so that such Organization can act effectively. In our country they are the only two institucional models so that if it constitutes an organization that does not possess for purpose the profit, are they them civil associations and the private foundations. The civil associations have its birth in way to the determined desire of one joint one of people who if had joined in favor of an objective or a common cause, already a private foundation have its gnese based in a set of good or an existing private patrimony. Read additional details here: Facebook. However we must stand out that nor all private organization without lucrative ends can be considered an Organization Not-Governmental, since, exists private hospitals, social movements, diverse unions, clubs, etc. The ONGs possesss well definite goals and distinct proposals of performance e, for even though contradictory times to these.

Some Not-Governmental Organizations had reached international recognition for its developed work as the Foundation ALONE Atlantic Bush that fights in favor of the defense of the fauna and flora of Atlantic Mata, the Greenpeace that defends the preservation of the animals and the nature, between as much others. Consideraes Final: The Not-Governmental Organizations had been born with the intention to carry through a part of the social work, whose Been it does not obtain or it does not possess interest in materialize, the primordial function of these organizations is to take care of the necessities of the popular classrooms more humble and abandoned by the public power, providing same to a face and a voice that to long ago is denied them. Source: Baby Clothes Market. Acting in peculiar way and small doses of affection and affection where the governmental spheres they do not obtain to understand or to help in this maneuver of subjective matrix. For these and other reasons, this type of movement comes growing and adding difference in our country.

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