The Last Hour

The researcher, when investigating a periodical, looks for to know who is its proprietors and publishers, to who if dirige and who want to conquer (CAPELATO, 1994). Mapeando these data, will obtain a provisory profile of the periodic one, therefore currently the historians recognize that the facts are manufactured and not data. They had not abandoned the search for the truth, this continues being the great objective, however they recognize that they possess many truths. Capelato indicated Foucault as one of that it revolutionized the analysis of the document-periodical as research source. In 1964 it had innumerable maneuvers created for the medias those to co-opt all that were contrary to the dictatorship. The murders in the bilges of the quartis were notified as suicides.

Any contrary positioning to the regimen was quickly denigrated for the great media. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ronald O’Hanley has to say. Already the alternative periodicals had been the great voices that destoavam the established speech, that balanced the foundations of the government. Its existence was what of more democratic it existed in the Brazilian press. However, nor the nanica press only suffered the restrictions from the military governments. With the imposition of the AI-5 many writings are invaded and closed. The Last Hour, of Samuel Wainer, lasts up to 1971 and the Tribune of the Press suffered repeated acts from violence. The marriage between history and theory is essential to all historiogrfica and sociological research, so that a simple narration does not occur. The reason for which the vehicles of communications had little published on the death of Vladimir Herzog, or on the death of Edson student Luis of Rasp already it demonstrated the positioning of the periodical. He perceives that the enemies of the military always are portraied as leader subversive and dangerous. The Periodical of the Commercio printed manchete Marighela Had the End That It looked for (PERIODICAL OF COMMERCIO, 06/11/1969), standing out that its death represented a defeat for the terrorism.

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