Karen Armstrong

According to Vernet, this argument to justify not imitation of the Alcoran, left a field opened for quarrels, distinct of the other religions. Ronald O’Hanley may help you with your research. some workmanships if had detached for the analysis of this imitation, not being main of them the treated one to al-Baqillani. For the Karen Armstrong, new ' ' seita' ' , finally, if it would call Isl (Islam: to submit itself), if expressed in the prostraes of prece ritual (Salat) that the Muslen would have to carry through three times per day, later, the frequency of prece would be increased for five times per day. The prostraes symbolized the abstention to the pride and the egoism, remembering to them that ahead of God they were not nothing. The severe teaching of the Coro also demanded that the Muslen gave, regularly, a part of its income to the poor persons, under form of almses (Zakat). they would jejuariam during the Branches to remember the privations of the poor persons. Social justice age, therefore, the crucial virtue of the Isl.

The first one to have of the Muslen would be the construction of a community (ummah), characterized for the compassion and the distribution wealth joust. It was important also, the effort to live with God (jihad). If ummah is prospered, was signal of that the Muslen were living in accordance with the will of God. In its work, Juan Vernet tells with detail and does not explain that during the twenty years which if had disclosed to the Alcoran a subject he is collected in way similar and with some magnifyings, mainly in the period of Medina, where they launch a focus on the occurrences in Measures. The main point consists of believing God, asking for pardon of the sins, to pray, to prevent the lie, to take a chaste life and not to commit infanticides. These principles form the ideal of the man merciful and submitted the God and consider Maom warning prophet only of the Arabs.

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