Old Greece

The culture of the old Greek world Greece played a great role in the world in the world occidental person. We do not only inherit the scientific knowledge of Pitgoras, Eraststenes, Euclides, Tales, Archimedes and the great philosophers with Scrates, Plato and Aristotle. In the years of 461. C and 429 a.Cfoi considered? age of the gold? of Atenas. Therefore at this time Pricles appeared that governed during thirty years and also transformed Atenas of the cultural point of view. Examples of its cultural investments are distinguished the Partenon temple to the Atena goddess. Its conceptions of beauty had been portraied in the workmanships of sculpture, painting and architecture. In its workmanships it had spirit of balance and harmony.

The influences of the thought had marked the theater, philosophy in such a way and also the scientific field. Beyond Homero the Pindaro poets are distinguished, who enaltecia the Olmpicos Games, Hesodo, that wrote the work and the days and poetiza Safo. 2) Poetry Since the times most remote of history Greek had the bards. These were ambulant poets who covered all city reciting or declaiming poems. In its narratives it had dither of the Greek people, its facts, its land and its heroes.

Two workmanships if had detached in this period, the Iliad, that counts launches them of adventure and action of deuses and the men in the lendria War of Troy and the Odyssey, that tells the adventures of the Ulisses hero when returning to Greece after the War of Troy. These are two great poems that are attributed the Homero. 3) Origin of the Greek theater the theater in the parties of celebration of the Dionsio god. This theater was accessible to all also was a form to educate as to go to the school. The nature had deep subjects approaching all human being. Until today the Greek theater influence the current world.

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