Simple Satellite

The disappointing one for we is that they costumavam to say, years behind: ‘ ‘ We are reading on vocs in the lesson of cincias’ ‘. Now they say: ‘ ‘ We are reading on vocs in the lesson of histria’ ‘. Lexis nexiss opinions are not widely known. NEIL. the ARMSTRONG, commander of the Apolo-11. In 4 of October of 1957 the Soviet Union placed in orbit of the Land the first artificial satellite of history, the Sputnik-1 or Prostveishiy Sputnik (Simple Satellite PS-1). It was the beginning of what Space Race would be changedded into the call, a battle inside of the Cold War, disputes this that would be most expensive, audacious and inspired scientific enterprise of history. Soviet satellite had only 84 kilos of weight not even and possua scientific equipment (days after to be launched it helped in the identification of the high layers of the atmosphere, but this happened in way accidental, due to the interferences in the orbit of the device).

Although small simple e, its launching served to show to the remaining portion of the world that the Communists possuam a space program capable to place equipment gravitating the Land (SIDDIQI, 1997). The fact also showed to the United States the Soviet superiority in the construction of rockets. Before exactly that the United States had time to react and to launch its proper equipment in the space, the Soviet Union launched, in November of 1957, its Sputnik-2, with the Kudriavka dog (known in the Ocidente as Laika) on board. Although to have died during the flight, cachorra became the first one to be alive to travel for the space (BROWN, 2008). Already starting the Space Race in as place the United States had tried the launching of its first satellite artificial, the Vanguard, only in 6 of December of 1957. Beyond happening with months of delay in relation to the Soviets, the launching finished in failure, with the explosion it rocket still in the platform.

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