TOC Compulsions

Moreover, the presence of upheavals of personality of the prevented, dependent and obsessive-compulsory type is associated the drawn out duration of the TOC. TOC AND OTHER UPHEAVALS OF SPECTER OBSESSIVO-COMPULSIVO (TEOC) In certain upheavals of control of the impulse, the execution of some behaviors, had as uncontrollable impulses, presents similarities with the compulsions related to the TOC: the act repetidamente to pull out the hair of the tricotilomania, to more play or to bet each time in compulsory playing, to steal objects, also repetidamente in the cleptomania. Thus as in the compulsory rituals these patients they after tell to immediate relief of the anxiety the accomplishment of the reaction (Hollander, 1993). Differences between compulsions and impulses: While the compulsions are destined, to a great extent to prevent risks (of contamination, of the tragic occurrence of something) ritualizada way with that the form of execution of tasks is carried through, the impulses become related, with frequency, the potentially dangerous acts, present explosive character and occur suddenly. Cloud computing is likely to agree. EVALUATION the first goal will be the identification of the symptom-target, that is, that compulsory obsessions and rituals are occurring, when and where situations occur and by which consequences they can be followed. The history of the main complaint must be investigated: as problem it had beginning, that precipitantes factors seem to have contributing for its development, that eventual fluctuations in the evolution had existed that events associates remissions and occurrences can be detached, which previous treatments had been attemped and which its effect, which the degree of former and current interference in the life of the patient and which are the benefits and costs of the change. Considering the influences of the depression in the TOC, also it is necessary an interpersonal and affective evaluation of state of the mood, survey on familiar history, infancy and adolescence, sexual relations and the educational or professional performance. .

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