Objections Now

Objection – a hidden question that people tend to want to get an answer. Consider a few basic defenses with which Oriflame Consultants have to work almost every day. I can note immediately that root 90% raised my objection lies the problem "now is not money." In dealing with objections, the main thing – to get to the essence of the objection, to know the motives customer and help resolve its problems and answer questions. And they have no money and not needed. To this objection I just say this phrase: "And you know what directory is different from the store? In the store the money to pay now.

While ordering the catalog you can do now, and products can I bring to any convenient date, such as a salary. It does not need to pay tomorrow. " Some still do not dare to make an order, doubting that they will have the required amount (also correct). Then I ask where they can best brought / bringing back catalog. Usually, people refer to the date of the salary. On the catalog you can also write that you bring order to a convenient date. You cheap cosmetics rather inexpensive than the cheapest. Remember that Oriflame – it best cosmetics in terms of price and quality. The client must be located to you, if you list the following obvious arguments: – The company Oriflame has consistently pursued a policy to reduce the cost of production. – We work directly with the warehouse company, without intermediaries, which can significantly reduce the cost of products.

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