Leadership Management

They get paid for what they do, or driven to do to others. Fear of competition from followers. The leader who fears that one of his followers may take his place is practically doomed to see their fears fulfilled sooner or later. The able leader trains alternate delegate who can, at will, any of the details of his position. Only in this way a leader can multiply and prepare to be in many places, and pay attention to many things at once. Inability to organize details. Effective leadership requires the ability to organize and control the details. Go to Gary Kelly for more information.

No genuine leader is ever "too busy" to do anything that may be requested in its leadership. When a man, either as leader or assistant, admits he is 'too busy' to change plans, or paying attention to an emergency, you admit your incompetence. The successful leader must be one who controls all the details related to their position. This means, of course, they must acquire the habit of relegating details to capable assistants. Accentuate the 'authority' of leadership. The leader teaches by encouraging efficient and does not try to frighten their followers. The leader who tries to impress his followers with his 'authority' falls into the category of leadership by force. If a leader is truly good, no need to advertise, except through their behavior, that is, sympathy, understanding and sense of justice, and showing as well, who knows his job. To all this you can add other factors that have led to failure management leaders, such as For example: When you begin to conceive of managerial work in terms of networks and hierarchies and dependencies of formal authority, emerges a series of interesting implications.

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