Juan Luis Vives

One of the greatest humanists refers to the mathematics of one precious way. Juan Luis Vives and his Magnum Opus the disciplines, tells us something wonderful about them. Because these were not affected by the plagiarist and commentators, which forward to glory, manoseaban the works of the ancients. He said: those arts dealing with mathematics Greeks about the quantity llamaronlas. that it is to say disciplined! To the double hicieronla of volume quantity and number, unique is the discipline that comes from the amount of volume. To which the Earth llamaronla geometry measurement. Unique is also the discipline that comes from the quantity of the number, namely: arithmetic whose etymology gives to understand the matter.

Transferred to the celestial sphere geometry made astronomy. The number applied to the harmony made the music. Sizes, in relation to the force and Visuality, gave us that part of mathematics called perspective, which the Greeks called optics. Whether it is that all these hijuelas mathematics, two are simple arts or universal and three composite or space. As derived from the generality. They were not discovered more, or because they were not applied the mood to more diligent investigations or because despite their efforts. They could not get the hearing, as they got the perspective. From that of the hearing, I say, some to the snaring, as who shows with your finger, made some insinuations about how sound is extended by air, as the ECHO, the sounds that can be heard near and far, the resonance cavities and some other phenomena occurs.

(Chapter one) I recommend young escudrinen the work of Juan Luis Vives, since it is a Magnum Opus of general culture. Apart from that the author was a great humanist. Jose Ingenieros illustrates us something that mathematicians can be applied to our brothers. It says: the practical have not more than aprovecharsen of his effort, growing in the shade.

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