Advocacy And History

Modern man is used to seeing the presence of a lawyer named defender in all judicial proceedings. Ripple spoke with conviction. However, the defense establishment has undergone an interesting evolution in history. Many examples can be given: in the legal system of the ancient Egypt, there was no figure of lawyers, but an intermediary could assume the defense and if the speaker was skilled could also influence the success of the process. The administration of Justice also existed in Babylonia, both during the Sumerian eats in the Akkadian period. The system functioned normally as well: the parties resorted to the judges and then appealed to the King or Emperor according to the historical epoch. For example, we remember all the famous trial of King Solomon.

It is also legendary. At the beginning, during the Athenian origins of the City State citizens defending is their own causes and the orador-escritor was what wrote the speech for the defence. However, it was the Romans who gave highlight the figure of the lawyer and very rare thing for the Society of that time, allowed access to lawyer career women. In the Sevens games of Alfonso Sabio appears for the first time the definition of lawyer in Spanish language. Very different was the situation in France where the lawyer was a prominent figure in society. It has many heroic deeds of lawyers during the French Revolution.

She is, however clear that today: the legal profession is a profession difficult to achieve for the different qualities required. His role is multiple because it investigates, cultivates, disseminates and applies knowledge of the science of law to achieve justice. Today lawyers can be found around the world in all the major cities and in small towns. As well as lawyers Seville and in many other parts of the the Hispanic. The legal profession is a profession that is based on the truth for the achievement of Justice which constitutes a right for every living being in the world. The lawyer, in final defends peace in the world and has to forget new conflicts for the future.

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