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Augusto Comte, founder of scientific sociology, contains principles emanating from Cartesian rationalism and the encyclopedic movement and harmonizes them with principles extracted from the doctrine of Catholic, conservative and traditionalist. The merit of Comte is the combine these as opposing currents in his philosophical system. His most direct influences are Turgot, Condorcet and De Maestre. Through philosophy ecolastica of the middle ages, through St. Augustine, is linked to Aristotle who should the principle of social aesthetics.

Catholic traditionalist school, Comte extracts the principle of authority and tradition in the life of peoples, who gives a great importance within their doctrine and the theory of progress, extracts the law of progress. Influences hints at the work of Comte: contributions from Montesquieu, who extracted the principle of social causation, allows you to formulate laws on social matters. The fundamental ideas are based on the principle that it is essential to reorganize social life on new foundations, and in doing so build a whole system of philosophy known as positivist. Positive philosophy is interested to investigate the facts such as they occur in the society to discover the laws that govern it, thus Comte leaves aside all causes and purposes. Through positivist philosophy Comte wants to ensure the achievement of the political, intellectual and moral unit of society. Intellectual unit: achieved through the systematization of all human knowledge. The moral unity: is accomplished through the establishment of a religion (Catholic) and the overcoming of the sentiment and the heart, creating a religion that the flame of humanity, which has as a principle the monotheism and who can according to Comte, summarized thus: love by principle, the order by base and finally progress.

This comtiana formula has been picked up by a U.S. State, which has in its banner part of this formula; This country is Brazil. Political unity: Comte believed that he is achieved through the abolition of war and the creation of a great state that the called a United States of Europe.

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