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Government. The unexpected fall of 3.6% on sales of new homes in the month of September, shows the fragile situation of the sector. Above the financial sector is not making its contribution to generate demand, a demand that is far from stimulating by the aforementioned labour fragility problems and uncertainty in the economic context. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge. Speaking of the financial system, we need to pay attention to what could happen in the coming months beyond the regulatory advances. The U.S. financial system can even bring us any surprises. Bank failures are so far at 106 in the year, but this will not be the total number of banks that no longer exist in this 2009. If we consider the growth observed in the GDP of the country from the North depending on the Latin American interests, there is too much scope to the enthusiasm.

It is that the fragility of this recovery and the risks of reversal that still persist, don’t expect a beneficial effect on Latin American economies, and especially for Mexico’s significance. To make matters worse, the exchange rate appreciation of Latin American currencies has deteriorated its relative competitiveness with respect to the American economy, which further decreases the growth expectations in the region from the external sector. I think it is still premature to uncork and celebrate the end of the crisis both for Latin America but mainly for the United States. The crisis for its characteristics will not end so easily and the time together with prudent decisions, is the consolidation of the recovery that will determine. Only have to wait since there is no more room for new plans for economic stimulus whose main effect could be increasing the risk of a new crisis, although this time, since the fiscal accounts. Horacio Pozzo Horacio Pozzo is master’s degree in economics from the University of La Plata, Argentina and editor of the basic economics course for investors, to learn how to invest on the basis of the economy.

National Institute

According to the latest data published by the National Institute of statistics, the occupation of rural accommodation in Spain rose last February, a 2.6% compared to 2008 and recorded 315.887 reserves for this type of hotels. These statistics show that rural tourism becomes, increasingly, an option for those seeking escape from the crowd. Taking advantage of approaching the bridge from the second Passover, Expedia.es, the leading online worldwide travel agency, proposes tempting prices to know endearing towns, dotted with nature and places without trace of agglomeration, as an alternative to staying in a hotel in Barcelona or one of the hotels in Madrid. Salmantino serenity in a privileged enclave the sierras South of Salamanca await the traveler in search of tranquility, and in them, are people who have managed to keep safe their traditions, landscapes and typical architecture. One of them is Candelario, situated at the foot of the Natural Park of Candelario declared reserve of the biosphere. This mountain village It is, without doubt, one of the tourist centers of greater importance of the comarca of Bejar. With several centuries behind him, still retains its medieval atmosphere, its old stoned, their spectacular forests and its famous sausages.

Expedia.es proposes staying in the small mountain Cinco Castanos, a good example of rural tourism hotel in Castile and Leon, Spain. The building, constructed in 1994, only has exterior rooms in order to ensure the best views of the Sierra de Bejar. Only one hour of Salamanca, Expedia.es recommends making an excursion to visit the University, the Casa de las Conchas, the Plaza Mayor and the old (Heritage). Upon returning to the hotel, a dinner based on typical dishes of the town can be a good way to end the day. Six centuries of art to rest just 11 kilometers from the border with Portugal, the town of Alcantara is located in the Natural Park of the Tagus, in Caceres.

Caspian Sea

So will raise my (exposure to pose a series of points in which I express my honest opinion in relation to the theme that brings us together on the day of today, something I do with great pleasure, with the purpose of providing some conceptions that to my modest understanding, shall cease absolutely proven, as follows: 1) that formerly, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in front at the entrance of the MediterraneanThere was an island which was the rest of the Atlantic continent and was known with the name of Atlantis. (2) The description of that island left by Plato, is not at all a myth, as long was considered, nor a fantastic fable that constitutes a true history, prehistoric. (3) That Atlantis was the earth itself where the man, for the first time, soared above the barbarism and reached high degrees of civilization. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. (4) That the population of Atlantis, in the course of many centuries, developed a large and powerful nation whose surplus of population populated by civilized races the banks of the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi, the Amazon River, in the Pacific Ocean, South America, and on the other hand, the Mediterranean Sea, the coasts of Western Europe, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. (5) That Atlantis was not another thing that the world before the flood, as the garden of Eden or paradise, as the gardens of the Hesperides, the fields of Eleusis, or Los Jardines de Alcino, the navel of the world, as Olympus or Asgard, the traditions of ancient peoples; all, constitute the memory of a country where men, centuries and centuries ago, they lived in happiness and peace. The fear of the Lord fell on all the Nations, for the Lord’s work covering his people being so great. Verizon Communications has many thoughts on the issue. And the Lord blessed the ground, and his people were blessed on mountains and high places and prospered. And the Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and willingness, and living in righteousness; and there was no poor among them. Moses 7: 17 18 6) were the gods, goddesses and heroes of the ancient Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Hindus, and Norse mythology, not anything else, Kings, Queens, and heroes of Atlantis, and that the acts and facts attributed to them the mythology, is nothing more than the confusing of prehistoric events real longing.

Choosing Needs

Before the decision to make the purchase the consumer passes through a series of stages. Among the mental strategies used are: recognition of a need: the consumer is driven to action by a necessity. Choosing a level of participation: is where the consumer decides how much time investing. Identification of alternatives: the consumer discover products and alternate brands. Evaluation of alternatives: is when it classifies the advantages and disadvantages of the options. Decision: it is when you choose to or not to make the purchase.

Behavior after the purchase: the consumer seeks the security of having made the right decision. During the stages that pass before the purchase, there may be variations as: that the consumer can withdraw in any of them, prior to the purchase. Some stages are sometimes ignored. The stages do not necessarily have the same duration. Some stages are made consciously and other subconscious way. What a consumer learns to make the purchasing process influences how will be the next Once you submit the same opportunity.

After gathering information for a particular topic as it can be karate, evaluate options and come to a decision, will have acquired additional knowledge about the product and several brands; even more, it will have formed new opinions and beliefs and you will have reviewed the old ones. What us drives to buy: needs, motivations and desires according to the above theories and the process by which goes to make a purchase, we present interrelated way, different internal processes of the human being that performs actions of purchase: within the social sciences are numerous terms such as needs, desires, impulses, mobile, instinct, etc., to describe the same idea. Their meanings are not the same, but make reference to an internal force of the individual, which begets whose object is default behavior. According to the above theories and the process by which goes to make a purchase, it is necessary to distinguish the elements that make up the dynamics of the consumer behavior, from the moment in which originate. To do this, we go from the marketing concept defined as the social process oriented to the satisfaction of the needs of the individual and organizations, by creation and voluntary and competitive exchange of generators satisfiers of utilities. According to this definition, the importance of knowing the needs of the market is evident. However, the needs of the market are not studied as a general term, but it should be distinguished other concepts closely related, as the lack, motivations and desires of the consumer.

United States

Augusto Comte, founder of scientific sociology, contains principles emanating from Cartesian rationalism and the encyclopedic movement and harmonizes them with principles extracted from the doctrine of Catholic, conservative and traditionalist. The merit of Comte is the combine these as opposing currents in his philosophical system. His most direct influences are Turgot, Condorcet and De Maestre. Through philosophy ecolastica of the middle ages, through St. Augustine, is linked to Aristotle who should the principle of social aesthetics.

Catholic traditionalist school, Comte extracts the principle of authority and tradition in the life of peoples, who gives a great importance within their doctrine and the theory of progress, extracts the law of progress. Influences hints at the work of Comte: contributions from Montesquieu, who extracted the principle of social causation, allows you to formulate laws on social matters. The fundamental ideas are based on the principle that it is essential to reorganize social life on new foundations, and in doing so build a whole system of philosophy known as positivist. Positive philosophy is interested to investigate the facts such as they occur in the society to discover the laws that govern it, thus Comte leaves aside all causes and purposes. Through positivist philosophy Comte wants to ensure the achievement of the political, intellectual and moral unit of society. Intellectual unit: achieved through the systematization of all human knowledge. The moral unity: is accomplished through the establishment of a religion (Catholic) and the overcoming of the sentiment and the heart, creating a religion that the flame of humanity, which has as a principle the monotheism and who can according to Comte, summarized thus: love by principle, the order by base and finally progress.

This comtiana formula has been picked up by a U.S. State, which has in its banner part of this formula; This country is Brazil. Political unity: Comte believed that he is achieved through the abolition of war and the creation of a great state that the called a United States of Europe.

Black Eagles

Everything indicates that contractors are an extension of the SEAL project, clearly, all sorts of cleaning experts: Social, ethnic, religious, political, military, and violation of human rights so pretext of their legal nature and ever more sophisticated forms of supranational intervention, in which States that harbor them would have nothing to do before their abuses, it would be just a matter of the contractor with their contracted, i.e., are private acts. Although the Minister of the Interior and of Justice, Fabio valencia Cossio, revealed that private contractors that make part of the United States Mission in development of conventions shall not enjoy privileges or immunity: this figure, established in the Vienna Convention, which became part of Colombia, will be only applied to the U.S. military, but anticipated that there will be clauses according to whichthe Colombian Prosecutor’s Office will collaborate in the investigations initiated against who violated Colombian law, the Colombian Government will track processes that open in United States and may have exceptions to immunity, however according to Jeremy Scahill, American journalist, this group of mercenaries linked to the Christian conservative far right international enjoyed a high degree of immunity that touch impunity; and they have not been able to be prosecuted either in Iraq or in the United States.Is important and urgent that organizations of human rights, social, academic communities, and political opposition represented in any parliamentary Committee, reorient the real debate, the real risk is the possible preparation of a scenario of civil strife, Ocean earthquakes, and operations arising in which these commands are experts, and forward an investigation into tasks that contractors be fulfilled as well as the legal framework and its scope of immunity and impunity. Without a doubt, to former President Uribe, assist you with moral obligation, to expose the merits of this case and not remain merely formal aspects that are of easy understanding; We already have enough with DynCorp, to pretend to add to this modern conflict Black Eagles supranational 2..

Nirvana Sutra

Do however, their careful arrangements failed because Siddh? rtha, acclaimed by the crowd on its way through the streets, could not stop perceiving the pain in its most acute forms, for the first time realized old age, sickness and death. Wikipedia says that in his way, Siddharta learned hand of four different masters. With them he learned different techniques of meditation and achieved higher States of consciousness. In essence, the different ideas that it examined Siddharta were trying to redefine the union of the individual (Atman) with an absolute (Brahman) to achieve liberation. But despite their great achievements with these practices, not found in them satisfaction to your questions. Then, in an attempt to completely overwhelm the sensory world, Siddharta tried to submit to austerities so extreme that almost caused his death, but still not found solution to your problem. This is why he decided to investigate it in a new and different way.

He learned two things of paramount importance first, extreme asceticism did not lead to the total liberation, but was necessary to something else; and secondly, that reached a point, no teacher was able to teach anything else. Do Siddh? rtha departed decided to not continue to seek external sources of wisdom, but to find within himself. Does a mythical version of this stage of his life tells us that Siddh? rtha, in its extreme practices of asceticism, after a few days without eating or drinking water, just a few minutes before his death, listened to a teacher who was teaching him a girl to play the zither. The teacher told him that if the rope was too loose would not you sound, but would be broken if the rope of the zither was very tense: the rope should be in your fair tension so that he could give music and harmony. Currently Siddharta comprised the Middle Road: both extreme asceticism and the life of pleasures of the Palace were two extremes, and the truth would find in the right measure between exacerbated pleasure and extreme asceticism. Do Siddh? rtha Gautama died around the year 486 BC, at the age of 80.

The cause was food poisoning that caused vomiting, hemorrhages and great pains which, according to the testimonies, endured with great fortitude. Finally, leaned into a forest of mangoes at Ku?Nagara, about 175 kilometers north-west of Patna. There, surrounded by his disciples, reached the eternal peace of complete extinction, the for nirvana. This is a State that only have access after his death which have reached Nirvana during their lifetime. Before the expiry of said the Nirvana Sutra, which summarizes all its teaching and clarifies the points that he saw that they were not well understood.


A method of communication for technicians to a technology universal the SMS was designed as internal communication tool between engineers, but however, it has become a method of mass communication, as evidenced by the 9,000 million SMS that was sent in the year 2008 in Spain. Written by mobile communication has been benefited by improvements in mobile terminals, such as wider screens among other improvements introduced progressively. And even we invent us words, given that we express ourselves differently to have to limit our message to 160 characters. According to the Commission of the market of telecommunications, more than 52 million mobile lines in Spain there are ().Therefore, there is almost one mobile phone per person in Spain, and this fact one of the reasons why the companies are incorporating his actions of communication sending and receiving SMS, but there are also other reasons such as: reduce costs on phone calls and sending of physical mail. Optimize the time of employees, making them more productive. Reduce the cancellation of appointments and their associated costs.

Help you build brand, increasing recognition of the same. To promote more effective marketing campaigns. Increase customer contact and loyalty. There are many companies that offer services of sending SMS, and therefore if you want to choose a good provider for sending SMS, should consider the following 10 points to choose a good service of sending SMS: you only pay for the SMS you send the ease of use of SMS services. Reliability in the delivery of SMS via direct network connection with the best operators of mobile telephony. Ease of integration of the services of the provider in your commercial applications and CRM. Option to load and update your database of customers. Manage SMS sending worldwide.

Send scheduled SMS. Customize the sender of the SMS for free. Access to a record of the sent SMS. Know the time of delivery and reception of SMS sent for each receiver you are interested. Free delivery of sent SMS confirmations. A fact that demonstrates that the sending of SMS as a tool for professional communication enjoys very good health is Esendex Spain SL, provider specializing in services for sending SMS for companies, won 41% growth in its volume of processed SMS in December 2009 vs. December 2008. Knowing all this, what are you waiting to reach all your customers in all places?

Administration Reality

To all this is added the great weakness of the schools do not have a staff of certified teachers of experience, pedagogy, a new methodology for learning, creativity, out-of-date, enterprising, innovative (though there will be some few exceptions), seriously affecting the training, development of future managers. Teachers today easily admitted on the basis of friendship, family, political, commitment with little guarantee academic, seriously hindering the formation of management professionals. Teachers soon identified with research, publications and reality of national problems, separation from the demand of knowledge, which the Venezuelan business sector requires to ensure operability. They remain static schools in relation to proactivar linking with enterprises, all this in order to delve into your problems, give way to knowledge that are required to ensure development, successful operation. Form a relationship conducive to both institutions, enabling to keep updated their curricula, the Administrator profile needed, collaborate in the solution of the problems that occur. It is necessary to thoroughly review curricula both at the undergraduate and graduate level and eliminate subjects that are not adapted in the needs of the present, to minimize the loss of time with knowledge that already do not adapt to the reality and take away the opportunity that will provide new tools, approaches that favor the Venezuelan business sector. It is important to reduce the number of years for the degree of Bachelor in administration of five to four, enough to provide the basic fundamentals – needed practical that ensures a effective operational management. Schools of Administration should be restructured, select more proactive, entrepreneurs, teachers strategists, creatives, facilitators, which give step to generate new knowledge, own of the Venezuelan reality paradigms.

Horses Coaching Company

Today companies when hiring staff, not only comply with select professionals who know how to do a particular job or have a specific academic or technical knowledge. Many companies are concerned in hiring professionals who meet a certain type of skills or qualities. And every job requires a series of competences. Each company has its own list of competencies and evaluation of behaviors that are associated with each of the competencies. Similarly competencies vary if the company seeks so-called candidates to occupy a first job (learning ability, flexibility to adapt to changes, teamwork, empathy) or if you intend to fill positions requiring experience (initiative, decision-making capacity and management of team work, creativity, leadership, control of emotions). There are many and varied methodologies to analyze and measure the competencies of the candidates to occupy a place of work or to promote internally to employees of a company. These systems of measurement and evaluation are looking for accurate information about the competencies required for the position.

There is, however, the possibility that companies are aware of competencies and natural abilities of your candidates or employees through the interaction of these with horses. Using horses, which, through a series of specific exercises and tests that do not require riding animal, facilitate, direct and immediate responses to sincere and true about how we are and how we relate, communicate and generate confidence in others. Horses don’t judge, simply react naturally and honest, and put to the test our powers of leadership, coherence, empathy, security and clarity of intention. With this methodology, the company, with the responses of the horses, it can detect and uncover, among its employees, leaders so far were occupying posts without any responsibility and that, with proper training and preparation, they are called to exercise leadership effective. Similarly, there is a danger to control of the company in evidence that they don’t get an adequate by the horses response (of leadership), but that, pursuant to a plan of action to make it work those competencies needing improvement, can exercise a true and effective leadership. We can conclude that this tool can be a complement to traditional assessment systems that accelerate and define more precisely the skills of prospective employees or those in process of internal promotion.