Choosing Needs

Before the decision to make the purchase the consumer passes through a series of stages. Among the mental strategies used are: recognition of a need: the consumer is driven to action by a necessity. Choosing a level of participation: is where the consumer decides how much time investing. Identification of alternatives: the consumer discover products and alternate brands. Evaluation of alternatives: is when it classifies the advantages and disadvantages of the options. Decision: it is when you choose to or not to make the purchase.

Behavior after the purchase: the consumer seeks the security of having made the right decision. During the stages that pass before the purchase, there may be variations as: that the consumer can withdraw in any of them, prior to the purchase. Some stages are sometimes ignored. The stages do not necessarily have the same duration. Some stages are made consciously and other subconscious way. What a consumer learns to make the purchasing process influences how will be the next Once you submit the same opportunity.

After gathering information for a particular topic as it can be karate, evaluate options and come to a decision, will have acquired additional knowledge about the product and several brands; even more, it will have formed new opinions and beliefs and you will have reviewed the old ones. What us drives to buy: needs, motivations and desires according to the above theories and the process by which goes to make a purchase, we present interrelated way, different internal processes of the human being that performs actions of purchase: within the social sciences are numerous terms such as needs, desires, impulses, mobile, instinct, etc., to describe the same idea. Their meanings are not the same, but make reference to an internal force of the individual, which begets whose object is default behavior. According to the above theories and the process by which goes to make a purchase, it is necessary to distinguish the elements that make up the dynamics of the consumer behavior, from the moment in which originate. To do this, we go from the marketing concept defined as the social process oriented to the satisfaction of the needs of the individual and organizations, by creation and voluntary and competitive exchange of generators satisfiers of utilities. According to this definition, the importance of knowing the needs of the market is evident. However, the needs of the market are not studied as a general term, but it should be distinguished other concepts closely related, as the lack, motivations and desires of the consumer.

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