Black Eagles

Everything indicates that contractors are an extension of the SEAL project, clearly, all sorts of cleaning experts: Social, ethnic, religious, political, military, and violation of human rights so pretext of their legal nature and ever more sophisticated forms of supranational intervention, in which States that harbor them would have nothing to do before their abuses, it would be just a matter of the contractor with their contracted, i.e., are private acts. Although the Minister of the Interior and of Justice, Fabio valencia Cossio, revealed that private contractors that make part of the United States Mission in development of conventions shall not enjoy privileges or immunity: this figure, established in the Vienna Convention, which became part of Colombia, will be only applied to the U.S. military, but anticipated that there will be clauses according to whichthe Colombian Prosecutor’s Office will collaborate in the investigations initiated against who violated Colombian law, the Colombian Government will track processes that open in United States and may have exceptions to immunity, however according to Jeremy Scahill, American journalist, this group of mercenaries linked to the Christian conservative far right international enjoyed a high degree of immunity that touch impunity; and they have not been able to be prosecuted either in Iraq or in the United States.Is important and urgent that organizations of human rights, social, academic communities, and political opposition represented in any parliamentary Committee, reorient the real debate, the real risk is the possible preparation of a scenario of civil strife, Ocean earthquakes, and operations arising in which these commands are experts, and forward an investigation into tasks that contractors be fulfilled as well as the legal framework and its scope of immunity and impunity. Without a doubt, to former President Uribe, assist you with moral obligation, to expose the merits of this case and not remain merely formal aspects that are of easy understanding; We already have enough with DynCorp, to pretend to add to this modern conflict Black Eagles supranational 2..

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