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According to the latest data published by the National Institute of statistics, the occupation of rural accommodation in Spain rose last February, a 2.6% compared to 2008 and recorded 315.887 reserves for this type of hotels. These statistics show that rural tourism becomes, increasingly, an option for those seeking escape from the crowd. Taking advantage of approaching the bridge from the second Passover,, the leading online worldwide travel agency, proposes tempting prices to know endearing towns, dotted with nature and places without trace of agglomeration, as an alternative to staying in a hotel in Barcelona or one of the hotels in Madrid. Salmantino serenity in a privileged enclave the sierras South of Salamanca await the traveler in search of tranquility, and in them, are people who have managed to keep safe their traditions, landscapes and typical architecture. One of them is Candelario, situated at the foot of the Natural Park of Candelario declared reserve of the biosphere. This mountain village It is, without doubt, one of the tourist centers of greater importance of the comarca of Bejar. With several centuries behind him, still retains its medieval atmosphere, its old stoned, their spectacular forests and its famous sausages. proposes staying in the small mountain Cinco Castanos, a good example of rural tourism hotel in Castile and Leon, Spain. The building, constructed in 1994, only has exterior rooms in order to ensure the best views of the Sierra de Bejar. Only one hour of Salamanca, recommends making an excursion to visit the University, the Casa de las Conchas, the Plaza Mayor and the old (Heritage). Upon returning to the hotel, a dinner based on typical dishes of the town can be a good way to end the day. Six centuries of art to rest just 11 kilometers from the border with Portugal, the town of Alcantara is located in the Natural Park of the Tagus, in Caceres.

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