It is well known that people are willing to pay for valuable information on the Internet. Even pay for information that, with time and effort, could find themselves in the Internet itself, but by the time investment that this implies, prefer to buy an information product that contains all the research gathered in electronic book form or video. The term information product is very broad. The information is anything that someone might want to know. The information does not necessarily imply instructions on how to do something. Many times people are not so much interested in the facts about a subject but in what other people think of this subject.

Asking a question that generates many responses in a message board, gathers enough information about what people think about a certain topic to create an information product. This is an idea used by many sales agents on the Internet. Another idea to create an information product is research in books, movies, manuals, instructional, music, photographs, etc. plays that are part of the public domain. Works that are in the public domain include anything that is not protected by copyright (author rights).

The public domain consists of everything published before 1923 and, in some cases, until 1978. Publish your own newsletter on the Internet all owners of web sites have been found with the problem and the cost of creating a site that will provide specific information to those interested in having it. They have also faced the problem of defining a list of email per option whose main objective is to keep subscribers informed. Those who have opted to belong to that list expect that who leads the web site keep them informed of changes on the site and update the information contained on the site and in addition, expect to have this update regularly.

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