The Electroforming

Klumpp impregnation and copper plating of the works. With Steinach, well versed in electroplating, he patented in 1889 the galvanic plating of plaster models themselves. WMF improved the immature procedure until 1894. Now, large sculptures were produced. The Company moved its production from Munich to Geislingen.

The Department was Electrotype art institution as electro-bronze”, GB, referred to. She represented a separate area of the WMF. With the GB, WMF tried tapping a new market. In the Department of Electroforming of Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik WMF a wax model was made by the specifications. The surfaces of the models were treated with a conductive material conductive silver paint, powder or graphite. It should be noted that some remains uncoated. Each model is galvanized by means of electrolysis with a metal, usually a layer of copper, plated.

The wax model is melted by means of hot bath. The metal mold from the inside with lead reinforced and filled with these figures with Alabaster. The metallic coating is nickel plated for corrosion protection. The figures received an electrotype nickel plating color matching to the black granite. in 1919, part of the pattern book of the WMF in addition to works by Lambert Piedboeuf, Wilhelm Pohl, and Carl was of the Golgotha group Drieschs Originally based on a copper ring as Halo among eater, and others 1 the Mary and John figures. These Nimben were very unstable, they were removed around 1940. A comparison with the today’s figure shows after 94 years, how far is the corrosion in a row of Oxidationfortgeschritten. The aging process is to read off the green patina. The environmental factors have led to the corrosion of the metal surface. Electro sculptures is especially suitable for the making of copies. By the Driesch had his design executed multiple times. The same figure of Mary and of the same body as individual works of various tombs Vaalser cemetery in Aachen to prove this. The Electroforming was an advanced method to create faster and more works of art at the time. A coating is lighter than a cast. Plastic – sculpture – electro there with plastic cast work referred to explains the prefix electroplating the difference. Plastic is the technical term for a molded figure. The term plassein = form comes from the Greek word, form. With Sculpture, however, is cut named, a carved or machined with hammer and chisel figure sculpere = carving, from the Latin verb. The resting place of the family Dr. med. Laaf is under monument protection. This tomb is a monument. This word quickly leads to Word associations: think! Behind that is the prompt of a dear person to commemorate, to preserve his memory. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

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