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More can follow quite… 3. have you ever acted? Is not a Tarzan or a Jane in each of us, a Danny Lola and a red-blooded Don Juan? Valentine’s can bring to light your Super talent. Nothing like hatched on the costume hire and get in the clothes and really in the role. Who knows this may be the beginning of an unusual role in your relationship. 4. usually you go only with anger in the air. On 14 February, the winter is not over yet.

Brave rise that day in the skies. Back in a hot-air balloon couples then tightly together while it is them certainly pretty hot. That is whom to airy, should travel to Paris and there Board a gondola on the great Ferris wheel on the Champs-elysees and intensively enjoy the city of lovers. 5. make the work of art. Body painting transforms you into what you always wanted to be. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. If you like it not so expensive, can paint each other themselves with body chocolate.

Sweet tooth and sweet hangover time a la Valentine. Enjoyment pure and certainly very exciting and really tasty! 6. in the rush of the sense. You give him your heart on Valentine’s day: painted, made from unusual materials or carved. Then you say a thousand times I love you “, take himself in the arm, cuddling, until you have completely forgotten the world around and soak up the love. Don’t worry, for more pleasure each other also remains still enough time. Make Valentine’s day entirely detached from the here and now to your own personal love day and indulge. You know: love is the only one, not less we will waste no matter how much that of them. So you indulge to the fullest. Much fun! Video: Love is part of our life author: Susan Heat

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