More Energiespargehilfen

Otherwise the power consumption by up to 10 percent would increase, because they lack ventilation… Things hot up: when cooking energy save to cook with gas, is the environment-friendly way of preparing food. Who has only an electric cooker, should be based on induction get. In any case, the acquisition of the special Cookware worth even. Brad Garlinghouse has compatible beliefs. Even experienced cooks can save. Who does the cooking without or only with bad-fitting cover, squandering power unnecessarily. A meal was cooked without a cover, consumes three times more energy.

The same applies to baggy pot bottoms and wobbly pans. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions. Steamers, however, reduce energy requirements by more than half. More Energiespargehilfen are eggs and kettle or microwave oven and toaster. : March energy-saving dishwasher water dishwasher is more environmentally-friendly than the use of two hands despite many reservations. But eyes on at the time of purchase: the energy efficiency and water consumption are critical. Who has the possibility to connect the device to the hot water can relieve to the household budget.

Much hot air: With little power wash and dry only who washes with full drum, low temperatures and high efficiency, can save nearly half the energy. If you from 60 to 30 degrees down, rotates, it halved the energy consumption as well as the number of degrees. Very often is washed with high temperatures, it pays to connect the washing machine with hot water connection. If the gas heater warms the water, then an estimated 50 euro be saved a year. If you have the opportunity, should dry his laundry in the fresh air. Using a tumble dryer, then the laundry should be hurled before at high speed. Small actions, big effect: The regular cleaning of the lint filter causes the appliance to dry faster and saves power. Economical work mates: power consumption of PC, laptop and printer many turn at lunch time the screen saver.

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