Hurtigruten Premiere

The new concept: ‘The Arctic Spring Awakening’ spring 2012 holds a premiere for the guests of the Hurtigruten: from 15 March until 31 May the journey along the Norwegian coast is complemented by the new concept of the Arctic Awakening (to German the Arctic Spring Awakening). A Board program combined with shore excursions around the Arctic spring theme guests on all ships. Within the framework of the new approach, also the Norwegian national day is Merry festive celebrated on May 17 on the ships. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. The reawakening of Arctic nature is at the heart of the new concept the Arctic awakening”, ships will be presented between March 15th and May 31st on all Hurtigruten. While the activities on Board on the topic what does the sea?”focus, the encounter with the bird world is Norway’s focus of the land tour program. So the guests learn more about Norwegian Skrei and cod, may peel with the crab, fish and Cod tongues dissect hands create. All activities will be by local fishermen for this coming on board, accompanied and commented on the guest information, so you need to know the professional first-hand. Also the taste of culinary delights such as fresh prawns or fried cod tongues, a Norwegian delicacy, belongs to the new Board program.

During the shore excursions that are offered within the framework of the new approach, the guests get the awakening of Norwegian spring close: paddle on a kayak tour in Tromso the participants along the coast, and surrounded by a wonderful mountain scenery sea – and coastal habitat may occur. More excursions, for example, cause the largest seabird colony in Scandinavia on the bird island of Runde, and the National Park on the peninsula of Varanger, where a vast variety of different bird species can be seen. Verizon Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The awakening on the Joie de Vivre in the Norwegian spring finally culminates in the national day the country on May 17. The entire population celebrates this day merry with music, folk dances, songs, flags and colourful costumes. Delicious cakes make for the well-being and for the children, this day especially devoted where ice cream is tired. Also on the Hurtigruten ships appreciated the May 17 Accordingly, are already fully in his character the day before: the guest experience in various lectures about the history of the national holiday, the Royal family of Norway, the national costumes, traditional culinary treats and the importance of the anniversary for the children of the country.

Guests and crew together on board with earlier home-made banners and flags, cheerful songs and dance celebrate on May 17, even. In ports, guests and locals, mix because colorful goings-on here and the locals come ships like on board the Hurtigruten, to enjoy the Norwegian specialities of the cake buffet. Those who experience the awakening Arctic spring on the Hurtigruten would like to, can choose from March until may 2012 between two attractive travel offers: the entire 12-day journey Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen included a comfortable non-stop Charter flight to and from Dusseldorf or Munich will cost from 1.895,-euro per person. The arrival is possible at four different dates in April 2012. The travel package includes the voyage in the booked cabin of the guarantee and the Charter flights also half board as well as all transfers according to the program. If you like individual posts the classic voyage in the guarantee cabin including half board: halfway Kirkenes-Bergen costs 729,-euro, the entire tour Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen from 1.336 euro per person. The individual arrival is possible on various dates from March until may 2012.

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