NLP-practitioner Training (DVNLP) In Berlin From 26 June

Fit for change life wisdom can be learned! Berlin, the June 11, 2018 -“people who want to invest in themselves, do not pass the NLP! Berlin NLP coach Ralf Stumpf says. The neuro linguistic programming (NLP) was founded nearly 40 years ago. At that time the linguist John Grinder and Richard Bandler psychologist examined the largest therapist of their time, to find out how they helped people to find solutions and to lead a happy life. From these humble beginnings, NLP evolved into a comprehensive methodology which is today considered standard for personal development, on-the-job training, communications, sales, and management. Who today do not actively assumes responsibility for his life, loses the connection quickly and stays on track. With NLP, we give everyone the tool chest in the hand, with which he can make something yourself from his life, his career and his relations. With these words, Ralf Stumpf has over 20 years experience as a NLP trainer.

Ralf Stumpf and Mirela Ivanceanu lead in Berlin the NLP Institute Ralf Stumpf seminars, where they offer training in NLP and story code. The 21 NLP practitioner training starts there on June 26, 2010. The training includes 10 weekends from June 2018 until April 2019. This extension to 20 training days (instead of the usual 18 days) they can reduce training time per day to 6.5 hours, allowing enough time for other (E.g. the family). Per month held a weekend, with the summer holiday month remains free. They offer training at a favorable price for individual participants, couples can share a place or participate in discounts. The NLP techniques themselves are transmitted consistently everyday use, so you can use it every day in every life situation: privately, professionally, in the family. For all information about the NLP practitioner training starting June 26, 2018, on the website of the provider.

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