The ambient liabilities can represent stop the companies risks financial, therefore if the ambient liabilities the company will be very high will be able to have reduction in the patrimony eliminates. Thus it is necessary to create diverse tools in accordance with to manage it the liabilities ambient of the company. SOCIAL ROCKING In the social rocking if evidences how much the company is investing to diminish or to cure the degradaes of the environment, either acquiring new equipment or eliminating wastefulnesses, the rocking comes from the voluntary interest of the company, for politics you practise and cabveis on the ambient preservation. Restrictions for which type of company do not exist must use the social rocking, companies without lucrative ends can use it, being pertinent for this type of organization to demonstrate its action benefit for it of the environment. The asset and the ambient liabilities are express in the social rocking in one determined period, beyond showing item of the ambient impact, by means of it is possible also to consider improvements and to monitor the liabilities, and to analyze chances when valuing the ambient assets of an entity. AMBIENT AUDITORSHIP the ambient auditorship appeared in the decade of 70 in the United States, having as objective to determine the extension of the ambient impacts caused by a productive activity existing, it also it identifies the measures to be adopted to reduce this impact.

The ambient auditorships determine that the companies have well-taken care of greater with the production process, identifying risk areas, pointing advantages and disadvantages and encouraging improvements you continue. When taken the serious auditorship it can assist the improvement of the performance of the company, however it is possible to observe that the ambient auditorship is an important instrument that directly acts in this relation between the economy and environment. AMBIENT MANAGEMENT IN the COMPANIES Exists determinative factors to justify the interest of the companies in preserving the environment, however one that calls attention sufficiently is the collection of the proper society so that such companies adopt politics come back toward the preservation and reforestation of areas that already had been affected.

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