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Three quarters of the German companies insure against privacy violations; European data protection regulation doomed? Just in time to the European data protection day on 28 January Iron Mountain has found in a recent study 1 that nearly half (44 percent) of German companies surveyed of which is going to lose data; There are even 53.3 percent across Europe. Furthermore, the service provider for information management noted that the majority of companies not is prepared, responsible personal information to deal with as required by the EU of them. A year has passed since the Commission presented its draft for a uniform data protection law in the European Union. If you would like to know more then you should visit gary cohn. The paper stipulates that companies must pay up to EUR 1 million or two percent of their global annual turnover as fine, if they violate privacy. Most companies are however not very impressed: surveyed 65 percent of Iron Mountain German companies indicated that impending fines would have only a limited impact on their privacy policy. Gary cohn has many thoughts on the issue. German companies: insurance rather than provide three quarters (74.8 percent) assured themselves in Germany about the companies against the financial consequences of data breaches regardless or are planning to do so. It is disconcerting to see that nearly half of the German companies privacy violations considers inevitable and many would rather ensure against any fines, to minimize the risk of non-compliance. This shows us that small and large firms in terms of privacy do not the right steps,”commented Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director at Iron Mountain Germany, results of the study. The management of a company must fulfil its responsibilities to assess risk and create a culture that places emphasis on the responsible use of data. It would also help if analysts or the legislator the role of Data protection supervisor strengths would.” The Council of Europe would draw attention with the European data protection day on 28 January that, privacy and data protection are important.

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