African Rhythms In The Volcanic Eifel

Holiday with Djembe & co. on the edge of the Eifel dough summer, Sun, the rhythm of Africa and a unique look at the idyllic landscapes of the volcanic Eifel. “Search in holiday recreation, recharge your batteries and it really on the kettledrum” go, this is the holiday region in the country of the Maars and volcanoes. Arrive, relax, and drums to your hearts content. Within the framework of numerous creative travel for hobby musicians and amateur painter, the special tour operator offers Arte Vitalis a special musical holiday experience for beginners and advanced Djembespieler in the unique setting of Maar funnels and volcanic cones.

Drums is pure Joie de vivre. It evokes new spirits, clears and distributes the stress of everyday life. Is played with all that giving the African musical culture: djembe, Bell, rattle, Cabassa, and more. In an informal atmosphere, without stress and pressure, the participants learn it can be as easy and relaxing to dive into the world of traditional rhythms of Africa. During the course of the drum is the seminar participants off the path, just a few steps from the Eifelsteig away, in a small, comfortable country hotel with feel-good character. According to the rules of the wholemeal cuisine freshly prepared meals and cozy seats in house and garden provide in addition to space music for the right holiday feeling.

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