Bach Flower Remedies

Past with the Bach flower of the month January 2010 HONEYSUCKLE Lonicera caprifolium (Honeysuckle) keywords anchor point with the past group lack of interest in the presence of Honeysuckle is suitable for people who live not enough in the here and now. They’re busy with their thoughts and feelings (memories) too much with the past. For example, after tragedies, a death or business failures this flower can be a valuable help. You should think also about this essence if a previous triumph occupies a high priority in this person’s life. In plain English: this past event can indulge these people in their nostalgia, they ‘lose’ yourself in their memories and are not present. Affected by itself give these or similar words: “remember that time… when we…” “Ah, but good times those were.

EVERYTHING was easier and easier much, no matter what. And today…” “In the old Department with nice colleagues- as the world still was.” “Homesick so terrible…” “Do you remember on my run, Gerlinde! Oh, was I fit… Look, all my trophies! I was dynamic, my body fighting fit…” “When Hans was alive, everything was much better… It was all so wonderful… We had only good times…

Since Paul’s death, it is…” “Oh, when I was young… My body was young and crisp. And my character was great! Because I could wear even Kleidergosse 36, even 34 fit me! Man, I was so slim and I eat could mountains! And now… I only look at food and increasing. AT THAT TIME EVERYTHING WAS BETTER… Just about struck me easier, no matter what I grabbed on. And today! All wrinkles, if I’m not daily, then… Anyway, it was easier. Also arbeitsmassig… The men, also no longer that sooner… EVERYTHING WAS BETTER ONCE… “Note: the 56-year old lady needed a few other than Honeysuckle” other flowers. ‘These people not in their memories and nostalgia lost effect taking taking this flower essence’. The past is seen as a valuable experience and considered a natural process. Stefan Ball, an employee of the Bach Centre, writes: “In the positive State of honeysuckle, they are able to remember past good fortune and to obtain a part of their present Joie de vivre.” The month of January is the first month in the new year. Right now, the right time for a degree as well as a new beginning. The old year is over: complete last (now with the year 2009) and at the same time a new start with the year 2010 for… (it is up to them self!) HONEYSUCKLE helps to live them in the present and no longer mourn the days of ‘better’. 2009 can positively be completed and each new day is seen as a potentially beautiful day 2010. We welcome the new year with the appropriate motto: without regret and without Repentance in the year 2010! Contact: Ute Rosenberg Knau Naturopath and (BFRP) Bach Foundation REGISTERED PRACTITONER forest 1 22393 Hamburg Tel 040/21990457

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