Visual Protection Films

Modern films on flat glass. Maintenance-free very elegant Visual protection films work with a mirror effect. Visually, revalue your home or your business rooms with a mirror sight protector. The term protector offers excellent protection from outside to inside on the day without compromising the clear view of the room. Visual protection films offer many advantages over conventional ways of sight protection. The term protector can be applied without costly structural measures. Replacement of the glass surface is not necessary.

Various film types like the frosted glass foil or the mirror sight protection allow creative leeway. If necessary, the frosted glass films can be removed completely and easily. The slides do not darken the room and allowing natural light into the room. The frosted glass films are a cheap alternative to blinds and shutters, who bring not only a privacy but also darken the room. Visual protection films also offer optimal splinter protection with Glasbruch.Die foil holds together the broken glass and avoid such injuries.

Especially in medical institutions, children’s facilities and facilities that work with food that is an important consideration. The films are quickly and cleanly onto the desired surface. Also hard to reach and asymmetrical glass surfaces can be quickly to coat. Have exceptional design requests can these be taken into account. The term protector is easy to clean and maintenance-free. The unique coating of the film offers no approach surface dirt. This makes it hygienic and allows an easy cleaning. Visual protection films are mounted usually on the inside of the glass surface, which increases their life span. SSK sun protection Inh.R.Kollmann Internet:

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