Films we encounter in everyday life more often than we think stretch film, which is also known as stretch film, is used where goods and goods for transport must be packaged. It is a mostly transparent industrial film that is stretchable up to 500% of its original length without tearing. In this manner, small-scale goods as well as pallet loads, can be simply and quickly packed and secured. Some stretch must be secured with adhesives, others have the peculiarity to stick to itself and without the addition of adhesive material. Most people know this kind of film already. You is used in the household as Saran Wrap. The wrapping foil is also an industrial film used for packaging of transport goods but without the extreme elasticity and adhesion ability of stretch films.

Wrapping foil is typical soft film that is made mostly of composite materials. Through the use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly and inexpensive to produce them. Films are offered in shops in different roll sizes depending on the packaging requirements. They will be applied also mechanically by hand, then, about a hand dispenser or large-scale processing, on a winding machine with rotary table. Especially in the food industry films used like, because they include the packaged foods airtight and sterile and do so more durable. In the purchase decision for a slide the aspect should be included environmental protection with. PE films satisfy high requirements when it comes to active environmental protection. So PE film can enjoy a better Ecobalance, as is the case for example with paper. PE films are a real alternative for companies and private people who attach importance to a balanced life cycle assessment.

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