The Consultant

In the "zone" punk is a nonentity, the lowest being. He did not shake hands, do not sit next to him not to touch it – untouchable, in a word. But at the active, which intercourse with a "sunken", no social problems. Between us – not so much they differ from each other. For me, this is analogous to the situation with the bribes. Forgive me, bribe-takers for the comparison with "cocks." Well, I do not like, when his company steal. So, back to the consultant, who gives a rollback.

He is, first, break the law, and secondly, facilitates the thief stuck to the company coffers. Or to the state treasury, not better. That happens to him next? He must somehow justify to himself his act, which went for the money. So he finds an excuse. It is for each individual, but any excuse there is one thing in common – criticism of those people which had been stolen the money.

The worse a person you are robbing the less burden of guilt, is not it? If this state, there arises the idea that "all so the thieves." If a corporation, the owners as soon as there are many negative traits, which did not exist, but which justify the crime committed by a consultant. The most cursory examination of this criticism and excuses will show that they are far-fetched and exaggerated. However, the offender must believe these generalizations and conjectures – they cure internal discomfort. Thus was born the cynicism.

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