Tariff reduction of insurance payments for companies that operate in the field of information technology. Organizations working in the field of information technology will have the opportunity enjoy the benefits until 2019. From 2010 to 2017, they may pay contributions on the general rate 14 per cent in 2018 – 21 per cent and in 2019 – 28 percent. Please note that rates for local organizations that work in the field of information technologies and meet the following conditions are already in the current year, ie, firms in this area are entitled to a recount paid for the current year contributions.

for this benefit the company, which operates in it sector must meet certain conditions: the organization has a document on the state. accreditation, the number of employees in this period is more than 50 people, income from the sale, installation, modification, maintenance, development copies of software and databases for the pc in the first nine months of the previous year (but only for established companies – on the basis of accounting or accounting period) is more than 90 percent of the amount general revenues of the firm. 4. Amendment to Art. 58 of the Law 212-FZ. Tariff reduction of insurance payments for businesses that created the public institutions and universities, as well as for residents of technology-innovative special economic zones. On 01.01.2011 the year, these category of insurers will be able to pay insurance premiums for the same rates as the firms operating in the field of information technology.

To enjoy this privilege, a business entity that created the budget agency or institution must observe the following conditions: the organization should carry out research and development activities, and to implement their results in the production, the organization must use sst. Residents of technology-innovative zones are also entitled to enjoy such privilege, but they are required to comply with the following criteria: the firms and the state of emergency must be a resident status in this zone, residents have to pay interest to people working in its territory. Special economic zone of technology-innovative type created in St. Petersburg, Dubna and Tomsk and Zelenograd.

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