Relationship Management

Relational marketing is a field in which you can apply very interesting tools. For more specific information, check out gary cohn. Like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems most include modules specialized in the development of relational marketing, through very detailed segmentation and custom strategies of communication campaigns. I am not going to go into the detail of such applications at this point because it would be very extensive. I recommend a strategy of communication through the use of newsletter (Newsletter) that allows to maintain a universe of potential customers or existing customers informed of situations of the company or the solutions offered, they can generate purchasing processes. The professional seller should be on the ability of being able to write and publish newsletters about solutions that sells.

This must be linked to a strategy of relational marketing that should define the company. For the management of Newsletters I recommend using the Icontact system () that allows to develop e-mail marketing campaigns integrally and to evaluate the results of each campaign in much detail, a very good solution for prospecting and communication with existing customers. Evaluation stage in this phase more consultative seller tools are aimed to provide easily accessible and in a timely manner to the prospectus information and be able to record all interactions and contact points with the potential client. In recent months has developed a very interesting concept related to the creation of virtual interactive environments to work collaboratively with the prospect or customer. This in short means that seller creates an Internet site which gives access to the prospectus for that on this site place is all the information that is shared in the buying process. Both the seller and the buyer maintain updated this site and there is recorded the information of the development of the business. Sites for downloading information definition: one of the big problems we have sellers with the distribution of information via e-mail, is that many times we need to send files with presentations, graphics, etc., which by their size may be blocked in the email, or may disturb the prospect since it generates a traffic heavy in your Inbox.

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