Wirbelsaulenscreening Medi

By investigating Medi mouse back problems can be detected in a timely manner. A lack of movement as well as an incorrect posture can lead to long-term problems with the spine. The Wirbelsaulenscreening Medi mouse can be checked the mobility of each spinal segment and appropriate measures taken. The spine is formed by body posture and movement. Regular exercise strengthens your back muscles and relieves the spine. Above all the change and has greatly reduced the physical exercise to Office work.

A lack of movement in combination with incorrect posture can have serious consequences. Back pain and spinal problems can be the result. The provision by Medi mouse Wirbelsaulenscreening helps back problems in time to recognize and appropriate measures to adopt in order to counteract potential complaints in a timely manner. This can not only back pain but also lengthy therapy treatments be prevented. Medi mouse is a funds available with which you can perform a painless and precise of the spinal column. The Medi mouse is a computer-based Hilfsmittle, which enables a precise analysis of each spinal segment. One can imagine the investigation unit at best as oversized mouse with the coccyx starting the entire spine is analyzed by. The results are reflected in understandable graphics, where a gamut of green indicates the movement of the spinal segments to red. Health + life health management

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