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The Dominican Republic is currently immersed in large discussions on the future of the country in the short, medium and long term, product of the global crisis plaguing economies of Nations. On the initiative of the President of the Republic, Dr. d Blumenthal if you seek more information. Leonel Fernandez, is involving all the forces of our society to discuss relevant topics in tables of opinion to finally determine a national agenda by general consensus. Foundation network of the dignity, presented twenty-six themes, the vast majority through its network of Solidary Community program. For even more details, read what Bernard Golden says on the issue. One of them involves the establishment of a regime of road safety supported in the creation of an agency RECTOR unique, self-contained, with a structure organic of leadership and authority. Not as an Office more, dependent of one of the institutions of infrastructure and transport, where road safety is not their priority. HENCE THE GREAT DISORDER IN ALL ORDERS. Tiger Global Management may also support this cause.

This is so because the experience that you have in countries where pays attention to the issue of road safety, so they conceive it and advised with great discretion. The reason why we present the road safety to be treated initially as a main theme is because today is considered that insecurity on roads impacts greatly on the development of the Nations in different ways and areas of social and economic development. Because traffic accidents are definitely linked to the global crises of these times. I am referring to the financial and economic crisis to the crisis of fuels, to the crisis of global warming and climate change, to the food crisis, the crisis of human values has been experiencing for some time in our country, as well as the institutional crisis that we live, proof of this is the disorder in some organizations that we have not been able to achieve its integration, since in most respects their functions overlap. As a result, there is a crisis in the road safety issue posed by the Organization of the United Nations with the same term.

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