Eternal Los Laurales

We began to celebrate the bicentennial of the May 25, 1810, where the people said because I wanted to know what it is. To how many holidays we go guys, most of them were by obligation and we refused to sing the national anthem loudly. The years have passed and each time I remember with greater nostalgia moments, over time many things change. And since my kids have made me participate in their festivals, I have started them to live otherwise. This goes hand in hand with the own learning of adult times I played live, it has been a work slow but while insurance issues that I have been emerging and growing in the conviction that things I want for me and my people. Not all arrives when you want it, is more; many issues come almost suddenly and compel us to bring an attention different to which you have loaned you ever.

In this, is that new and generating commitment of hopes which means fight for ideas and a system that protects them and make them better. That are eternal desire to live in a country of equals, as eternal as the desire of any worker who after 12 hours, comes home and feels that you nothing changes. That are eternal desire to say what I don’t like and hurt, always released without anyone condition or determine my expressions. That are eternal souls of good will to move to the pain of the other. Also eternal, people who understand that life is a service. That are eternal men and women who make a daily habit of solidarity.

Also eternal which leave no was Taming and turn life into a cause that does not bow before difficulties. To be eternal people that respect the other as they have always dreamed of being respected. Friends that are always present without knowing what you need, are also eternal. Who are forever those who embrace everyone equally, without stopping to judge them by their aspects or forms. Those who give me bread when I have hunger and love when I’m sad are also eternal. That are eternal educators, thinkers, artists and peoples who do not cease to fight for their dignity, as many every day we strive to be better, for us and for those around us. Or juremos with gloria die! Original author and source of the article.

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