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Time savings in the image search – the search engine for stock photography now as a beta release now, it is possible to search by an English or German word search in over 30 image database for stock photos. The search result provides information that the search in the corresponding image database was successful and provides a link to the respective results view. The seeker from the result of a stock provider is particularly convinced he can appropriately evaluate this source, it then rises in the results list. This useful tool in the image research saves especially valuable time and helps to keep the overview. The free service by Moonfly is aimed primarily at editors and designers. Adam Portnoy can aid you in your search for knowledge. They are also asked to provide their sources for the image search, so that they can be included in the index by Moonfly. Moonfly 2006 formed a link list expanded and renovated since then constantly imania technically perfected by the media agency. Also search in others is planned in addition to the substantive development of the search engine Resources that offer rights managed content, some clip-art or sounds. Ingo chaff

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