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Next milestones: the Innovestment Crowdfunding by swabr launches mobile apps and premium version on Sunday, July 29, 2012. The founder of the enterprise microblogging service want to promote the further development with the help of micro investors and publish new features. Innovestment is a new Crowdinvesting platform for startups. Innovestment can innovative concepts are private investors and in a share auction, silent shares awarded to eager investors. (As opposed to Sir Richard Branson). It is possible already from EUR 1,000 to an investment. Innovestment offers startups in this way a completely new way of raising capital and private investors the chance on innovative founding projects to participate and to reap the benefits. Up to this point, the swabr founding team has developed the service with its own resources and pushed up to a level currently 2,000 registered company networks.

With Crowdfunding funding through Innovestment, the Web page should evolve mobile applications developed and one premium version to be released. swabr co-founder Lukas Pfeiffer is pleased about the upcoming start of Crowdfunding: currently, many innovative ideas are generated, but often lack the capital, realizing this. So far, we have provided swabr with its own funds on the legs. By the Crowdfunding, micro investors can now support these innovative concepts with small amounts. Therefore we find very exciting development of Innovestment, with their support we can win capital and know-how to tackle our next milestones (mobile apps and premium version). In addition, we will strengthen our team in the areas of development and design, and are therefore always on the lookout for new talent.

We are looking forward to further development.” About Innovestment: Innovestment (www.innovestment.de) is committed to the goal, to bring innovative startups and private investors together. Crowdfunding platform, wealthy individuals can her personal investment portfolio to a very perspective rich and profitable form of investment expand. At the same time startups can carry out their good ideas faster. Thus benefit both sides, and the high-tech location Germany WINS. Swabr: Swabr (www.swabr.com) is a real time communication and helps companies and organizations to work faster and more effectively. swabr 2.0 stands for bulletin board “and was founded by experienced Internet entrepreneurs in Berlin. As an innovative enterprise microblogging service provider is one of swabr already over 2,000 registered companies and organizations. swabr a simple and intuitive tool for real time communications offers its users free. swabr works sort of like Facebook and Twitter.

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