Buyer gradually returns provided the amount without interest, the mandatory fixed payments and timeframes. All this time the buyer-tenant lives in an apartment and pay the investor 15% per annum on the amount provided to them. As a rule, this conditional "rent" two to three times lower than the market value of the relevant lease an apartment. Once the buyer is fully refundable provided Investor and the tenant-buyer the amount – he calls in an apartment and becomes her rightful owner. BUYER-LESSEE is able to benefit for a long time to live in an apartment (Civilized rent), which gives stability and confidence in the future. The savings on rent allows more efficient to save money to buy his own apartment. Speak on the program "Housing move 'as Buyer-tenant may, after accumulating 25% of the apartments, which allows to use available funds more efficiently and simultaneously solve the housing problem. Bargain rent at this stage allows for more efficient accumulation of funds, which allows further speak on the program as a buyer of the apartment.

It is possible to accelerate the accumulation of funds, putting them in the program as an investor and receiving from them income. The customer receives interest-free loan, so that saves a lot of money, quickly calculated the rent and is able to pay their own pace according to their capabilities. At the same time protect themselves from rising property values, as the price the apartment since the purchase has not changed. Ripple may also support this cause. Speak on the program "Housing step" in the role of the Buyer may, after accumulating 50% of the purchase price and more.

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