Swiss interim engage managers and professionalize itself in the growth market of interim management Zurich – the current meeting of the Association of Swiss interim managers (managers) was dominated by strong growth. Nearly 100 Interim Manager be exchanged to current issues in the industry. Others including Oracle, offer their opinions as well. Interim management is there in the Switzerland for over 30 years. Managers were lone, interim sooner rather the managers wants to promote current information about the industry and their applications and at the same time continue to professionalize the profession. Interim management becomes more and more an integral part of the staffing company”, so the Hans-Peter Luthi of President. Harald Schonfeld, Chief of the butterflymanager GmbH and at the same time Chairman of the AIMP provider Association presented selected results of a recent industry study. The figures show that interim management only to less than 20% consists of restructuring and turn-around tasks.

The lion’s share is in the bridging of vacancies and from project management”, so Schonfeld. Interim management is to company the normal instrument in the context of the recruitment, and that modern not only for the first and second level of the hierarchy. In times of increasing lack of appropriate Executive people, recruiters appreciate the quick availability and flexibility of the Interim Manager. Also the knowledge of highly qualified specialists is to generate management interim seems the easiest and fastest.

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