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Nowadays, mainly in the emergent countries, the conventional education does not obtain to take care of quantitatively and qualitatively. For example, in Brazil, the conventional educational system is excluding each time bigger number of individuals for presenting an archaic methodology of education, unbalanced contents, professors many unprepared times. The objective conventional education in such a way to prepare how much superior the basic instruction of young and adults for a market of work that already does not exist more and without immediate perspective of heating. It has almost unamimity enters the students how much to the type of education given for the conventional agents, that is, theoretician, abstract, elitizante, dissociado of the reality, disarticulated, that not condiz with the reality. Ahead of this, reality, valley the penalty to be investing the scarce resources in the traditional education or to try to review this chaotic quality of education? Another important aspect that it deserves analysis is that the long-distance education can serve to complement the conventional or vice versa, without the objective to compete or to concur, but one to be complement of the other, filling hiatos of formation or propitiating new readings, ways to think, to face the life. The complementaridade will benefit to both the education systems, beyond making possible to the student the possibility to choose. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eric Kuby. ' ' There educacin in the distance ha demonstrated to be el woollen ideal complement educacin actual, ya that ha allowed to llevar educacin there great masas, that of otra manera hubieram in it been able alcanzarla' ' (Yee Seuret and Miranda Justiniani, 1995, P. 28). One knows that the long-distance education has more agilely folloied the changes of what the traditional school, therefore it incorporates the news technologies to the system, making possible to the pupils a bigger approach with the daily one, at the same time where the learning if becomes dynamic and interesting more.

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